Music - Sunday, 3 March 2024 – Third Sunday in Lent, Year B


There are many music choices available each week. You will find music suggestions for each reading drawn from the Lutheran Hymnal, the All Together song books and Together in Song. In addition, we have selected the Top 4 Public Domain hymns, the Top 4 All Together and LHS songs under copyright and the Top 4 Contemporary Music suggestions each week. You may like to mix and match from these lists to suit your context.

Top 4 Public Domain

If you enjoy traditional hymn singing or your congregation does not have a copyright license, here are our recommended Public Domain hymns for the week:

If a title is hyperlinked, that means that modernised lyrics are available. MP3 backing tracks have been recorded for you to use.

The law of God is good and wise – LHS 270 - Backing track
In the cross of Christ I glory– LHS 171 - Backing track
Glorious things of Thee are spoken – LHS 187 - Backing track
Built on a rock, the church doth stand LHS 188 - Backing track

Top 4 All Together and LHS songs under copyright

Copyright information for the following suggestions has been provided. Please ensure that you are reporting the use of any material under copyright.

One God - AT 120 (CCLI)
We have seen the Word of Life - AT 244 (CCLI, One Licence)
Your strong Word broke through the darkness – LHS 823 (CCLI, One Licence)
Lift high the cross - LHS 807 (see TIS 351) (CCLI, One Licence)

Top 4 Contemporary Music Suggestions

The following songs have been carefully reviewed, and are recommended for use in congregational worship, primarily because they point people to Christ and proclaim the message of his word in music and song for this Sunday in the lectionary cycle. They also fit well with other selection guidelines as highlighted in Tips for song selection and Fact Sheet 6: Music in Worship. While the use of a particular song by a band or organisation is not necessarily an endorsement of that group or the entire body of their work, we recognise that any scriptural song is a Spiritual song that can be used to complement a rich diet of worship for God’s people.

Please note, the hyperlinked Youtube clips are provided to give you a sense of how music can be performed or for personal use. You must always obtain permission from the creators of the music videos and the creators of the song before using clips in worship, unless permission is explicitly stated beneath the video.

Speak O Lord – Townend and Getty, performed by Simple Hymns - CCLI by Keith Getty, Stuart Townend
In The Cross Of Christ I Glory - Kelvedon Green Music - Lyrics Public Domain, Music © Jim Spencer Music (BMI), but hymn and lead sheets available for free with permission at
Glorious Things of You are Spoken - Emu Music - CCLI by John Newton, Luke Woodhouse, Vicki Woodhouse
My hope is built on nothing less (Cornerstone)- Hillsong - CCLI by Edward Mote, Eric Liljero, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan, William Batchelder Bradbury

Song/Hymn suggestions based on the Lectionary readings

Some LHS hymns have modernised lyrics. Click on underlined hymns to see the new lyrics.

Please click here to go to the Modernised Hymns page.

G3, G4 . . . = Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . .ro.; GS = Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH

First Reading: Exodus 20:1-17



120 One God (CCLI)


117 The Lord Jehovah reigns
428 Help us, O Lord, to learn
576 O for a closer walk with thee

Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:18-25


54 When I survey the wondrous cross G5 (see TIS 342)
75 We sing the praise of Him who died G5 (mod TIS 347)
80 Praise to the Holiest in the height G8 (see TIS 141)
162 In Jesus I find peace and rest (esp v 3)* G3
171 In the cross of Christ I glory G4 (see TIS 349)
807 Lift high the cross GS (see TIS 351) (CCLI, One Licence)
823 Your strong Word broke through the darkness G5 (CCLI, One Licence)


244 We have seen the Word of life (CCLI, One Licence)
466 I am aware (CCLI)
531 How the world was won (CCLI, One Licence)
535 Never by might (CCLI, One Licence)


141 Praise to the holiest in the height
174 Morning glory, starlit sky
192 Christ is the world’s redeemer
262 When pain and terror strike by chance
342 When I survey the wondrous cross
343 Nature with open volume stands
347 We sing the praise of him who died
349 In the cross of Christ I glory
351 Lift high the cross
422 Come, Holy Spirit, come (esp vv 1,2)

Gospel Reading: John 2:13-22


49 Alone Thou goest forth, O Lord G5
187 Glorious things of Thee are spoken G9 (mod TIS 446)
188 Built on a rock the Church doth stand* G4
197 Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy Word* G5 (mod TIS 436)


125 Man more than man


355 Man more than man
436 Lord, keep us steadfast in your Word
446 Glorious things of you are spoken


Psalm 19

TIS 7, The sky tells the glory of God, is a version of Psalm 19:1-5, and TIS 8, God’s law is perfect, is a version of Psalm 19:7-10.

The Iona song ‘May the words of my mouth’ in AT 323  may be used as a congregational refrain, while a reader reads the verses of Psalm 19. AT 518 ‘May the words’ would also be suitable.

The following paraphrase of Psalm 19 by David Schütz is sung to either St Denio (LH 392, TIS 143) or Foundation (LHS A4, TIS 578). If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

Accept now, O Lord, my redeemer, my rock,
the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart.
The heavens are telling your glory and power,
your handwork is shown by the sky all around.

Though night teaches night, and though day speaks to day,
no language is heard in the words that they say.
And yet their voice goes throughout all of the world,
their words are conveyed to the end of the earth.

God set up a tent for the sun in the sky;
it comes like a bridegroom on his wedding day,
and runs, like an athlete, from morning to night,
and nothing is hidden from its burning light.

The Lord’s law is perfect, reviving the soul;
his precepts are right, making saddened hearts whole.
His teachings are certain, they make us all wise;
and all his commandments give light to our eyes.

The fear of the Lord will forever endure.
His judgments are righteous and holy and pure,
far sweeter than honey, more precious than gold;
in them both a warning and promise is told.

But no-one can know all the things they’ve done wrong,
so cleanse me from those secret things that I’ve done.
From sinning intention’ly, Lord, keep me free,
then holy and blameless forever I’ll be.

Music Resources Vol 3– Psalm settings- Psalm 19 p26 , Psalm 19 p27 , Psalm 19 p28

Advice for Musicians

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