Music - Sunday, 8 November 2020 – Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost, Year A (Third Last Sunday of the Church Year).


There are many music choices available each week. You will find music suggestions for each reading drawn from the Lutheran Hymnal, the All Together song books and Together in Song. In addition, we have selected the Top 4 Public Domain hymns, the Top 4 All Together and LHS songs under copyright and the Top 4 Contemporary Music suggestions each week. You may like to mix and match from these lists to suit your context.

Top 4 Public Domain

If you enjoy traditional hymn singing or your congregation does not have a copyright license, here are our recommended Public Domain hymns for the week:

If a title is hyperlinked, that means that modernised lyrics are available. MP3 backing tracks have been recorded for you to use.

Ye servants of God your Master proclaim – LHB 454 - Backing track
I know that my Redeemer lives - LHB 103 - Backing track
Love divine all loves excelling – LHB 164 - Backing track
Wake awake for night is flying – LHB 487 - Backing track

Top 4 All Together and LHS songs under copyright

Copyright information for the following suggestions has been provided. Please ensure that you are reporting the use of any material under copyright.

Love divine all loves excelling – LHB 164 - Backing track
I am the bread of life – AT 167 blue (One Licence)
I know that my Redeemer lives - LHB 103 - Backing track
When the Lord returns – AT 309 orange (CCLI)
Wake awake for night is flying – LHB 487 - Backing track

Top 4 Contemporary Music Suggestions

The following songs have been carefully reviewed, and are recommended for use in congregational worship, primarily because they point people to Christ and proclaim the message of his word in music and song for this Sunday in the lectionary cycle. They also fit well with other selection guidelines as highlighted in Tips for song selection and Fact Sheet 6: Music in Worship. While the use of a particular song by a band or organisation is not necessarily an endorsement of that group or the entire body of their work, we recognise that any scriptural song is a Spiritual song that can be used to complement a rich diet of worship for God’s people.

Please note, the hyperlinked Youtube clips are provided to give you a sense of how music can be performed or for personal use. You must always obtain permission from the creators of the music videos and the creators of the song before using clips in worship, unless permission is explicitly stated beneath the video.

Song/Hymn suggestions based on the Lectionary readings

Some LHS hymns have modernised lyrics. Click on underlined hymns to see the new lyrics.

Please click here to go to the Modernised Hymns page.

G3, G4 . . . = Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . .ro.; GS = Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH

First Reading: a): Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25


164    Love divine, all loves excelling G3
440    Sing praise to God who reigns above G3
454    Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim G6
587    O happy home, where Thou art loved the dearest G7
588    O blest the house, whate’er befall* G6
615    Who is on the Lord’s side?


261    From heav’n you came (The Servant King) (CCLI)
292    Because we bear your name (One Licence)


110 Sing praise to God who reigns above
215 You servants of God, your master proclaim
217 Love divine, all loves excelling
256 From heaven you came
581 Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord Jesus
686 Because we bear your name

First Reading: b): Amos 5:18-24


314    Turn, Lord, Thine anger, and in mercy spare us G4
490    O Son of God, we wait for Thee* G3


332    We are sorry (CCLI, One Licence)
446    Mercy LCANZ congregations have permission to use for worship. Please add acknowledgement “Used with permission from Michael Gillingham”
563    How long (CCLI, One Licence)


160 Father all-loving
181 Come, O God of all
416 Great God, your Spirit
616 O day of God
690 Beauty for brokenness

Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


92    Christ the Lord is risen today (vv 4,5,6) (G, STJ 11)
95    He is risen, he is risen* G3
101    Jesus lives! thy terrors now* G5
103    I know that my Redeemer lives* G3
279    He that believes and is baptized* (alt tune 106, G3)
479    Jesus my Redeemer lives* G5
485    The day is surely drawing near* G5
486    Great God, what do I see and hear* G5
782    At the name of Jesus G7
854    Be still, my soul


150    Sing a new song (One Licence)
155    We believe (One Licence)
167    I am the Bread of Life (One Licence)
179    Come let us eat (v 4) (One Licence)
235    In your hand, my Saviour
268    Christ has died (Response) (Public Domain)


123 Be still, my soul
216 Rejoice, the Lord is king (esp v 6)
231 At the name of Jesus
285 Your coming, Lord, to earth in Bethlehem
366 Jesus my Redeemer lives
370 Christ the Lord is risen today
372 Jesus lives! your terrors now
376 I know that my Redeemer lives
379 He is risen, he is risen!
479 They that believe and are baptized

Gospel Reading: Matthew 25:1-13



85    Give me oil in my lamp (Public Domain)
187    Help us, Lord, to wait for you (Public Domain)
309    When the Lord returns (CCLI)
492   Bridegroom (Public Domain)


266 Wake, awake for night is flying
280 When he comes back
503 Robe yourself, my soul, in gladness



TIS 41, Give ear, O my people, is a version of Psalm 78:1-4,12-16.

Music Resources Vol. 3- Psalm settings: Psalm 78 p126


Music Resources Vol. 3– Psalm settings: Psalm 70 p117

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