Visual Arts & Drama - Sunday, 26 December 2021 – First Sunday after Christmas, Year C

Altar Colour: White

Images for This Week's Readings and Sermons

You can access excellent examples of church art relevant to each season of the Church year on the Visual Arts website.

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Simply download your preferred slides and copy the liturgy and songs into each slide.


Blessing of Families
If there is a family emphasis on this day, and families are prayed for, families in the congregation may also be blessed. Depending on the size of the congregation and how many families there are, it might be better to restrict the blessing to families with children or those with babies. Note the suggestions (and the cautions about the possibility of unintentionally causing hurt) in the document ‘General notes and resources’, under ‘Blessings of people’, in the ‘General and seasonal’ folder. Before or after the prayer of the church, families could be invited up, and after a suitable word of God and a brief prayer, a blessing such as the following could be said as hands are briefly laid on each family, or at least on the children: ‘I bless you, the N family, in all you do, in the name of the Father and of the Son+ and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.’

Dramatising the Readings

The readings can be read by more than one person to make the dramatic meaning of the text clearer.

For instance, the first reading may be read by two readers: narrator and Eli. It could be mimed as it is read, using a boy to play the part of Samuel being given the robe. The gospel could be read by three readers: narrator (pastor), Jesus’ mother, Jesus.

Drama Resources