Visual Arts & Drama - Sunday, 7 November 2021 – All Saints Sunday, Year B.

The colour for the day is white. White (and red) flowers could be displayed, perhaps arranged with tall stems (representing the saints).

A common symbol for All Saints is the crown of victory with a sheaf of wheat representing the final harvest. Other images, especially symbols of the church, may be used, such as the ark or the ship of the church.

Set up a tray of sand near the font, provide a small box of candles, and light the paschal candle. During the service, members of the congregation may be given an opportunity to come forward and light individual candles from the paschal candle and then place the lighted candles in the tray of sand as a way of remembering those who have died in the faith. (This may be done as the names of those who have died are read out, perhaps during a memorial rite such as that given below). This tray could be left at the font throughout the year for people to light a memorial candle, especially on birthdays or deathdays (if this is not a day on which the paschal candle is lit, a single lighted candle may be placed in the tray before the service begins). A brief note of explanation and invitation may be included in the bulletin.

Altar Colour: White

Images for This Week's Readings and Sermons

You can access excellent examples of church art relevant to each season of the Church year on the Visual Arts website. The image used on these service preparation pages was created by Faye Lienert.

PPT Slides (Widescreen): / Set 1 / Set 2 / In Memorium

PPT Slides (Standard): / Set 1 / Set 2 / In Memorium

Simply download your preferred slides and copy the liturgy and songs into each slide.

Recommended Sources for Images

His Word in Pictures
Refreshed Art Designs
Agnus Day
Illustrated Ministries - offering free Bible colouring pages during coronavirus outbreak


Dramatising the Readings

The readings can be read by more than one person to make the dramatic meaning of the text clearer.

For instance, the second reading for year B could be read by two readers:  narrator, and voice from the throne; and the gospel for year B could be read by five or six readers: narrator (the pastor), Mary, Jesus, one or two of the people, and Martha.


Drama Resources