Service Orders - Sunday, 20 June 2021 – Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, Year B (Proper 7)

On Thursday 24 June, we celebrate the Nativity of St John the Baptist, and Friday 25 June marks the Commemoration of the Augsburg Confession.  Separate worship resources will be published for the Augsburg Confession.

Congregations wishing to mark the Nativity of St John the Baptist may access resources here.
Public Domain music suggestions for this festival are:
Blessed Jesus at Thy word – LHS 500
Hark a herald voice is calling – LHS 1
On Jordan’s banks the Baptist’s cry-LHS 13
I heard the voice of Jesus say – LHS 306

Ready To Go Resources

Please note that the resources below have been prepared for congregations with limited administrative support and represent only one combination of the available service orders, readings, etc. Public Domain hymns have been used for the benefit of congregations without copyright licences. Feel free to make changes to suit your congregation’s context. Every effort will be made to vary the liturgy each week.

Service Orders Without Holy Communion

Service orders with Holy Communion

Approved Service Orders