Sermons - Sunday, 16 October 2022 – 19th Sunday after Pentecost, Year C (Proper 24)

Lay-readers, please note: the following sermons have all been edited for lay-reading.

All sermons were edited for lay-reading by both the contributing pastor and a team of reviewers in accordance with the Sermon Editing Policy below. They have been prepared for use by lay leaders in worship in local congregational settings. If using these sermons, please acknowledge that they were sourced from the LCA’s Worship Planning Page. If using these sermons more widely than the intended purpose, please request prior permission via this website. Thank you and God bless.

Sermon Editing Policy

The pastors contributing sermons this year are: Matthew Bishop, Andrew Brook, Tim Ebbs, Matthew Huckel, Vince Gerhardy, Adrian Kitson, Stuart Kleinig, Vernon Kleinig, Keith McNicol, Graham Pfeffer, Ben Pfeiffer, Josh Pfeiffer, Jim Pietsch, Stephen Schultz, Sam Modra.

Illness has affected the sermon editing process. Sermons from past years have been provided.

Sermon on First Reading:
Sermon_Genesis 32 22-32 Pr Josh Pfeiffer
Sermon on Second Reading:
Sermon_2 Timothy 3 15-17_Pr Vince Gerhardy
Sermon on Gospel:
Sermon_Luke 18_1-18_Pr Vernon Kleinig OR Sermon_Luke 18_1-18_Pr Heath Pukallus OR Sermon _Luke 18 _Pr Joshua Pfeiffer
Downloadable Video Sermons:
NEW Sermon for Proper 24C from Bishop Mike Fulwood (WA District) OR Sermon for Proper 24C from Good Shepherd toowoomba OR Sermon for Proper 24C from St Michael's Hahndorf