Sermons - Sunday, 8 December 2019 – Second Sunday of Advent, Year A

Lay-readers, please note: the following sermons have all been edited for lay-reading.

The sermons through the Advent and Epiphany period have been provided by Pastors Eugene Minge, Matthew Huckel, Dale Gosden, Jim Pietsch, Adrian Kramer, David Wear, Fin Klein, Stuart Kleinig, Josh Pfeiffer, Vernon Kleinig, Vince Gerhardy and Tim Ebbs. Many thanks to these pastors for sharing their work with the wider church.

All sermons were edited for lay-reading by both the contributing pastor and a team of reviewers in accordance with the Sermon Editing Policy below.

Sermon on First Reading:
Sermon-Isaiah-11-1-10-Year A-Advent 2-sermon1
Sermon on Second Reading:
Sermon-Romans-15-4-13-Year A-Advent 2-sermon3
Sermon on Gospel:
Sermon-Matthew-3-1-12-Year A-Advent 2-sermon2 OR Sermon-Matthew-3-1-12-Year A-Advent 2-sermon4