Music - Sunday, 4 June 2023 – Holy Trinity, First Sunday after Pentecost, Year A.


There are many music choices available each week. You will find music suggestions for each reading drawn from the Lutheran Hymnal, the All Together song books and Together in Song. In addition, we have selected the Top 4 Public Domain hymns, the Top 4 All Together and LHS songs under copyright and the Top 4 Contemporary Music suggestions each week. You may like to mix and match from these lists to suit your context.

Top 4 Public Domain

If you enjoy traditional hymn singing or your congregation does not have a copyright license, here are our recommended Public Domain hymns for the week:

If a title is hyperlinked, that means that modernised lyrics are available. MP3 backing tracks have been recorded for you to use.

Holy Holy Holy – LHB 140 - Backing track
Lord speak to me that I may speak – LHB 373 - Backing track
God himself is present – LHB 501 - Backing track
Love divine all loves excelling – LHB 164 - Backing track

Top 4 All Together and LHS songs under copyright

Copyright information for the following suggestions has been provided. Please ensure that you are reporting the use of any material under copyright.

How shall I call you - AT 43 (CCLI, One Licence)
Real Food, Real Drink – AT 393 (red) (CCLI, One Licence)
Father in heaven – AT 115 (blue) (One Licence)
Go and tell - AT 579 (Please use freely, with permission of the author)

Top 4 Contemporary Music Suggestions

The following songs have been carefully reviewed, and are recommended for use in congregational worship, primarily because they point people to Christ and proclaim the message of his word in music and song for this Sunday in the lectionary cycle. They also fit well with other selection guidelines as highlighted in Tips for song selection and Fact Sheet 6: Music in Worship. While the use of a particular song by a band or organisation is not necessarily an endorsement of that group or the entire body of their work, we recognise that any scriptural song is a Spiritual song that can be used to complement a rich diet of worship for God’s people.

Please note, the hyperlinked Youtube clips are provided to give you a sense of how music can be performed or for personal use. You must always obtain permission from the creators of the music videos and the creators of the song before using clips in worship, unless permission is explicitly stated beneath the video.

Holy Holy Holy - Audrey Assad - CCLI by Audrey Assad, John B. Dykes
Psalm 8 (How Majestic Is Your Name) - Shane & Shane - CCLI by Shane Barnard
Apostles' Creed - Emu Music - CCLI by Alanna Glover, James McDonald, Liv Chapman, Philip Gordon Percival, Tim Chester
The Love of the Father - CityAlight - CCLI by James Ferguson, Rich Thompson

Song/Hymn suggestions based on the Lectionary readings

Some LHS hymns have modernised lyrics. Click on underlined hymns to see the new lyrics.

Please click here to go to the Modernised Hymns page.

G3, G4 . . . = Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . .ro.; GS = Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH

First Reading: Genesis 1:1 – 2:4a


142 We all believe in one true God* G3
222 Thou whose almighty word G6
429 All creatures of our God and King G6
578 Eternal Father, strong to save G6
598 I sing the almighty power of God G5
808 Go out my heart
809 Go out my heart (alt tune 808)
810 Let all things now living G6 (CCLI, One Licence)
812 The Lord in wisdom made the earth (CCLI, One Licence)
823 Your strong word broke through the darkness (esp vv 1,2,6) (CCLI, One Licence)
864 God, who made the earth G, STJ 66 (CCLI)


123 Morning has broken (Public Domain)
365 Lord of all (CCLI)
422 Canticle of Daniel (One Licence)
430 A voice is heard (CCLI, One Licence)
456 Everything we got (CCLI ONe Licence)
522 New Life (baptism) (c/- LCA Churchwide Office)


100 All creatures of our God and King
101 Come, you people, come adore him
119 I sing the almighty power of God
135 All things bright and beautiful
138 Eternal Father, strong to save
146 God, who made the earth
156 Morning has broken
157 O Lord of every shining constellation
188 Where wide sky rolls down and touches red sand
435 We all believe in God who made
255 O Laughing Light, O first-born of creation
447 Lord, your almighty word
698 When the light of first creation (marriage)

Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 13:11-13(14)


277 Baptized into Thy name most holy* G4
510 May the grace of Christ our Saviour G7
777 Father in heaven GS (One Licence)


86 A blessing (One Licence)
115 Father in heaven (One Licence)
193 Benediction (Please use freely with the permission of the author. Use acknowledgement “Used with the permission of Ian Coats”)
293 Depart with the peace of God (CCLI)


465    Father in heaven
623    Lord Christ, true peace of all above
777    May the grace of Christ our Saviour
782    Go now in peace
Also: Note the sung blessing in Worship Today: ‘The grace . . . ‘

Gospel Reading: Matthew 28:16-20


221 Spread, O spread, thou mighty word*
227 O Spirit of the living God
231 O Zion, haste, thy mission high fulfilling
234 Facing a task unfinished
277 Baptized into Thy name most holy* G4
771 Hallelujah! sing to Jesus (Public Domain)
829 I was made a Christian GS (Public Domain)


31 Freely, freely (CCLI, One Licence)
222 What a gift (CCLI)
305 Thuma mina (One Licence)
343 Jesus come and stand among us (CCLI, One Licence)
496 Don’t be afraid (CCLI, One Licence)
508 Wherever I go (CCLI, One Licence)
513 Another day (CCLI, One Licence)
545 Easter Alleluia (CCLI, One Licence)
579 Go and tell (Please use freely, with permission of the author. To hear this song :


140 Firmly I believe and truly
245 We have a gospel to proclaim
390 Alleluia, Alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord
405 O Spirit of the living God
423 Christians, lift up your hearts (vv 1,4,5,6)
450 Spread, O spread, almighty word
469 This is the truth we know
477 Jesus calls us here to meet him
481 Baptized into your name most holy
517 Hallelujah! sing to Jesus
605 I am alone, yet not alone
749 Thuma mina

Other Suitable Hymns and Songs:


Any hymns from the Trinity sections of the Lutheran Hymnal (135-142) or Supplement (776-779) are suitable for this day. The following may also be considered suitable:
116    Come Holy Spirit, heavenly dove *(esp verse 5)
197    Lord, keep us steadfast in thy word*
532    O Trinity, most blessed light (esp suitable for an evening service)
897    Kyrie, God, Father in heaven above (not easy for a congregation, but worth the choir giving it a go) (One Licence)


40 Holy, holy (CCLI)
41 Father, we adore you (CCLI, One Licence)
42 Now unto the King eternal (Public Domain)
43 How shall I call you (CCLI, One Licence)
90 Father, bless us (CCLI, One Licence)
115 Father in heaven (One Licence)
118 The baptism song (Please use freely with permission of the authors, using the acknowledgement  “Used with permission from Martin Bleby and Sandy Lucas (nee Collins)”)
120 One God (CCLI)
155 We believe (One Licence)
158 Come, sing our praises loud (CCLI)
168 Hear our prayer
250 How majestic is your name (CCLI)
271 For the bread (CCLI, One Licence)
301 Prayer of peace (CCLI)
362 I believe, I do (One Licence)




A version of Psalm 8 may be found in TIS, 3 Lord, our Lord, your glorious name, and 4 O Lord, our Governor.

The following paraphrase, by David Schütz, is sung to the tune Portland, LHS 374. If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth
your glorious name is ever praised.
Even on lips of infant babes
your song is raised.

When I look at the sun and moon,
the stars and all in heav’n above,
how is it that we humans know
your saving love?

How can it be that you should care
for us poor creatures of the dust?
Yet you have made us like yourself
and honoured us.

Over all creatures great and small
you let us share your power to reign.
O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth
we praise your name.

Music Resources Vol. 3– Psalm settings: Psalm 8 p11 , Psalm 8 p12

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