Music - Sunday, 8 December 2019 – Second Sunday of Advent, Year A

Music - Season Specific

This Week's Top 5

There are many great songs and hymns to choose from each week. This list has been compiled by Mark Simpfendorfer from the Commission on Worship's Music and Song team. Please make sure you check the copyright on any songs you use.

LHS 2 O Come, O Come Immanuel - Backing track
AT 220 (orange) They’ll be peace
AT 402 (red) God has chosen me
LHS 344 Our God is love and all
LHS 305 Today thy mercy calls us

Top 4 Public Domain

If you enjoy traditional hymn singing or your congregation does not have a copyright license, Mark Simpfendorfer from the Music and Song team recommends the following:

LHS 2 O Come, O Come Immanuel - Backing track
LHS 147 O Morning Star so bright and fair
LHS 344 Our God is love and all
LHS 305 Today thy mercy calls us

Song/Hymn suggestions

Some LHS hymns have modernised lyrics. Click on underlined hymns to see the new lyrics.  Please click here to go to the Modernised Hymns page.

G3, G4 . . . = Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . . .; GS = Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH

NEW! Backing tracks for five Advent hymns have been recorded for your use. LHS 1 “Hark, a herald voice is calling”, LHS 2 “O  come, O come Immanuel”, LHS 11 “The advent of our King”, LHS 17 “Come, thou long-expected Jesus” and LHS 733 “Daughter of Zion” may be downloaded from the Seasonal Resources page.

First Reading: Isaiah 11:1-10


2            O come, O come, Immanuel G7
8            Rise, children of the kingdom* (alt tune 107, G4)
16          Hail to the Lord’s Anointed G6
147         O Morning Star so bright and fair* G3
156         Jesus our Saviour, of true joy the giver* G3
513         Peace to soothe all grief and woe G5
514         Saviour, again to Thy dear name we raise* G7
572         O God of love, O king of peace* G5
739         When the King shall come again G4


220         There’ll be peace
221         They were waiting
313         Christ, be our light
359         Holy Spirit, living water


199 Lord Jesus, our bright Morning Star
208 Jesus has come, and brings joy as our Saviour
265 O come, O come, Emmanuel
275 Hail to the Lord’s anointed
282 The voice of God goes out to all the world
663 Isaiah the prophet has written of old

Second Reading: Romans 15:4-13


344         Our God is love, and all His saints* G6
355         May we Thy precepts, Lord, fulfil* G3
587         O happy home, where Thou art loved the dearest G7
797         Blest be the tie that binds GS
798         Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round G6
799         In Christ there is no east or west G7
800         May we be one GS
802         One family, we’re together GS
803         Peace with the Father G7
870         Lord of all hopefulness G6
892         Hear us now, our God and Father G3


62          One family
172         May we be one
174         Bind us together
180         A time for building bridges
388         One body
405         Lord of all hopefulness
408         May the Lord bless you today
448         Loving Spirit


248 When Christ was lifted from the earth
459 In Christ there is no east or west
466 Peace with the Father
581 Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord Jesus
613 Lord of all hopefulness
623 Lord Christ, true peace of all above
648 Help us accept each other
678 God beyond glory

Gospel Reading: Matthew 3:1-12


12          Comfort, comfort ye My people* G4
13          On Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry G4
192        Bowed low in supplication
305       Today Thy mercy calls us* G3
316        Smite me not in anger, Lord G4
737       Prepare the royal highway G4
850       O Father, my Father GS



6            O Father, my Father
327       Sorry
331       Turn to me with all your heart
332       We are sorry
338       God in human shoes
398       A child of God
402       God has chosen me


250 Christ, when for us you were baptized
270 On Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry
289 Christmas is coming
346 Prepare the royal highway

Other Suitable Hymns and Songs:



Emmanuel: God is with us 17
Come, Lord Jesus, come 20
Comfort, comfort 25
Vine and fig tree 36
His name is Wonderful 55
O Mary, don’t you weep 142
Help us, Lord 187
There’ll be peace 220
They were waiting 221
Christ is a-comin’ 229
My soul is praising the Lord 260
Soon and very soon 302
When the Lord returns 309
Christ, be our light 313
Come to us 314
Drawn to the light 315
Freedom is coming 355
Light of the nations 389
God has chosen me 402
Get ready 420
God moving 425
Sing out with joy, he is coming 434
When Jesus Christ worked here on earth 450
The world is waiting 453
Your God will come 454
Sing a New Song 468
It was me 499
Patiently waiting for you 502
Advent news 510
New beginning 519
Word of the Father 542
Life Overflowing 619
Advent Lamb of God 648
Lord, now let your servant depart 677
Jesus is beside us 678




A metrical version of Psalm 72:1-7,18,19, by David Schütz, is given here to be sung to the tune Dix (LH 40, TIS 314). If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

Give the King your justice, God,
give his son your righteousness.
With your righteous justice, Lord,
he will act for those oppressed.
So the fruit of justice spills
from the mountains and the hills.

He will crush those who oppress,
use his power to save the poor.
He’ll endure like sun and moon
through the ages evermore.
Like the rain upon the field,
justice brings a prosperous yield.

Praise be to the Lord our God,
to the God of Israel,
who alone does marvelous deeds,
who alone does all things well.
Praise be to his glorious name.
Fill the whole earth with his fame.

Music Resources Vol. 3– Psalm settings: Psalm 72 p121 , Psalm 72 p122

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