Sunday, 7 November 2021 – All Saints Sunday, Year B.

Welcome to Church@Home for this week!

This page includes a range of resources to help you worship at home. Please feel free to choose whatever best suits your needs at this time.



Church@Home Worship Service

This service has been adapted to suit the different nature of worshipping in your own home. It includes interactive elements, such as opportunities to talk to each other and activities for children (and people of all ages…) to encourage engagement in worship.

  • Make sure everyone has access to the liturgy either by downloading the Church@Home PPT for the week or printing copies of the service order.
  • Place a candle and cross and your bible (or phone with a Bible app) near you.
  • You will see a place for a sermon. Use a sermon provided by your congregation, view one of the many online sermons available (go to View@Home), or choose one of the printable lay-reading sermons provided below.
  • You will find two choices of music at each point in the service when singing is indicated. Please choose whichever combination of music you prefer – or listen to it all! Links to Youtube clips for each of the recommendations can be found below.


Here are the resources you need to worship in your home or small group this week. Feel free to select what works best for your family and situation.

Printable Church@Home Service Order for this week

Church@Home PPT for This Week

You can choose a sermon from the selection for the week. You may like to watch Youtube Clips of the suggested hymns or access the backing tracks so you can sing along at home.

Printable Bible Readings for the week


Select one of the following to add to your service (or view one of the Livestreaming options)

Printed Sermons

Music Suggestions




Contemplative Prayer Sheet for This Week

Prayer of the Church for This Week

Additional Prayer Points

  • Some additional prayer petitions you may like to include for All Saints’:

    • Loving Father: we remember before you our loved ones who have died and now rest in your everlasting care. Thank you for their lives and all that you worked through them into our lives. Bless us with peace as we remember them, for Jesus’ sake. We remember especially . . . Lord in your great love: Hold them safely in your care.
    • Father, today we remember loved ones who have died in this COVID season. For some of us it feels like we have not been able to mourn them fully. Please bless us with your peace as we let them rest in your loving care. We remember especially . . . Lord in your great compassion: Hold them safely in your care.
    • Abba Father: we remember little ones who have died in sad and tragic circumstances. Thank you that your kingdom belongs to them too. Thank you that you have welcomed them home. Please bless their parents, and all those who loved them and looked forward to their lives unfolding, with your deep peace. Assure them that you have their little one safe with you. We remember especially . . . Lord in your great mercy: Hold them safely in your care.