Sunday, 7 November 2021 -Third Last Sunday of the Church Year, Year B (Proper 27)

Welcome to Church@Home for this week!

No Church@Home resources have been prepared for Proper 27. Households may use either the Proper 27 Resources To Go Service Order (found on the Service Orders tab of today’s service), or the Church@Home resources for All Saints’, which is also celebrated today. Youtube clips for Proper 27 are provided below.

Church@Home Worship Service

Here are the resources you need to worship in your home or small group this week. Feel free to select what works best for your family and situation.

You can choose a sermon from the selection for the week. You may like to watch Youtube Clips of the suggested hymns or access the backing tracks so you can sing along at home.


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Contemplative Prayer Sheet for This Week

Prayer of the Church for This Week

Additional Prayer Points

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