Children - Thursday, 18 May 2023 – The Ascension of our Lord, Year A.

A simple golden cardboard crown could be provided for all the children to wear during the service, or after a talk with the children, or during communion. Its significance can be briefly explained.

Children often want to know where Jesus is when they come to church. Sometimes parents get a laugh when children identify the pastor as Jesus. They (and we) are not unlike the disciples, who gaze up into the sky trying to see where Jesus is. Where is Jesus? A short talk with the children before the gospel could explain that Jesus is present with us even though we can’t see him, especially in the reading of the Bible, the bread and wine of the Lord’s supper, and in his baptised people. This can be highlighted with a poster that has written on one side: ‘Where’s Jesus?’, and on the other side: ‘Here’s Jesus!’. It is used three times as follows:
*     Before the reading of the gospel, the poster is held up, and the children (and congregation) say together ‘Where’s Jesus?’. Then the poster is turned around and the pastor says: ‘Here’s Jesus.’ The poster is then stuck to the lectern for the reading of the gospel (perhaps with Blue-tak).
*     Later, just before communion, the question and answer is repeated, and the poster is stuck to the altar.
*     Then at the close of the service, in connection with the dismissal, the question and answer is repeated for a final time, but the pastor says ‘Where’s Jesus?’ and the whole congregation repeats ‘Here’s Jesus!’
*     The poster can then be given to the children.

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The Come and See Jesus curriculum published by Openbook Publishers has a wealth of material and ideas that may be adapted for use in worship. Please note that a new edition of this material is currently available for the Revised Common Lectionary.

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