Visual Arts & Drama - Thursday, 18 May 2023 – The Ascension of our Lord, Year A.


Make a poster or banner of the Ascension using images of Christ’s kingship, such as a crown, sceptre, or even palm branches (the theme of Palm Sunday is very similar to the theme of the Ascension). Other symbols sometimes used for the Ascension are an eagle, Elijah’s fiery chariot, and a raised hand of blessing. The Ascension banner could be displayed until Pentecost. It may replace an Easter banner in order to show that a new phase of the Easter celebrations has arrived.

Altar Colour: White

Images for This Week's Readings and Sermons

You can access excellent examples of church art relevant to each season of the Church year on the Visual Arts website.

PPT Slides (Widescreen): / Set 1 / Set 2 / Set 3 / Set 4 / Set 5

PPT Slides (Standard): / Set 1 / Set 2 / Set 3 / Set 4 / Set 5

Simply download your preferred slides and copy the liturgy and songs into each slide.

Recommended Sources for Images

His Word in Pictures
Refreshed Art Designs
Agnus Day
Illustrated Ministries - offering free Bible colouring pages during coronavirus outbreak


Dramatising the Readings

The readings can be read by more than one person to make the dramatic meaning of the text clearer.

For instance, the first reading from Acts could be read by four readers: narrator, Jesus, disciple, angel.

Drama Resources