Visual Arts & Drama - Sunday, 6 February 2022 – The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, Year C

The reading from Isaiah reminds us that in worship we are ‘in the presence of the angels’. Angel figures could be made and hung above the sanctuary as a visual reminder of this reality.

Altar Colour: Green

You can access excellent examples of church art relevant to each season of the Church year on the Visual Arts website. The beautfiful image on these Service Preparation pages was created by Jan Kaesler.

PPT Slides (Widescreen): / Epiphany (Green) Set 1 / Epiphany (Green) Set 2 / Epiphany (Green) Set 3

PPT Slides (Standard): / Epiphany (Green) Set 1 / Epiphany (Green) Set 2 / Epiphany (Green) Set 3

Simply download your preferred slides and copy the liturgy and songs into each slide.

Recommended Sources for Images

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The hymn of the seraphim, ‘Holy, holy, holy’, is repeated in Revelation chapter 4. There, when the angels sing this hymn, the 24 elders, representing the church, prostrate themselves before the one seated on the throne. This is the origin of an ancient custom of bowing or kneeling during the ‘Holy, holy, holy’ in the communion liturgy, a custom that is reflected in the rubric before the ‘Holy, holy, holy’ in the Service – Alternative Form. Today could be a good day to introduce this practice – even if it is just a ‘once off’ for today.

Dramatising the Readings

The readings can be read by more than one person to make the dramatic meaning of the text clearer.

For instance, the first reading could be read by four readers: narrator, seraph (‘flaming creature’ in TEV), Isaiah, voice of the Lord. The gospel could be read by three readers: narrator (the pastor), Jesus, Simon. The gospel could be mimed as it is read.


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