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Great Cause

Proceeds from sales of the Lutheran Winemakers’ annual releases support Lutheran congregations as they reach out to their communities through the uncomplicated gifts of food and hospitality, served with love.

Hospitality involving food is something Lutherans have always been good at. It’s in our DNA. Perhaps it started with the traditional German heritage many of us share – where hard manual labour fuelled large healthy appetites. Perhaps it’s the blessings we now enjoy, thanks to the many cultures that gather in our Australian and New Zealand congregations as Lutherans. Perhaps it all goes back to Martin Luther himself who regularly brought people together around food and wine for his famous ‘Table Talk’ sessions.

Every year, on or close to Reformation Sunday, Lutheran congregations across Australia and New Zealand hold a Longest Lutheran Lunch. It’s a special opportunity to welcome new friends into our communities with all the Lutheran warmth and hospitality we can muster.

While hospitality is a big part of our Lutheran culture, the real inspiration for the Longest Lutheran Lunch is the example of Jesus, who enjoyed food and hospitality as a way to break down barriers and connect with those for whom society had no time.

We’re grateful to our Lutheran winemakers who generously support our congregations as we reach out to people with the love of God.