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This is Prue Henschke, of Henschke Cellars, harvesting the world-famous Hill of Grace vineyard (photographed by Tyson Stelzer). Australian Lutherans have a strong connection with winemaking. Like Hill of Grace, many of the vineyards and wineries in the celebrated Barossa Valley in South Australia were founded by Lutheran settlers who brought their expertise in grape-growing and winemaking with them from Europe.

But as well as enjoying wine, we're also putting it to work for us. Over 30 of our Lutheran winemakers have come together to form the Lutheran Winemakers Club. It exists to raise funds to support the Longest Lutheran Lunch, the project of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) that uses food and hospitality to welcome people from our communities. Once a year we release a selection of wines, a collection of the very best wines produced by Lutheran winemakers. All proceeds are directed to the LCA’s local mission work through Longest Lutheran Lunch.