On leave…

I’m taking leave for most of October, which means there will be no new resources posted for Sunday 14 October (Proper 23) to Sunday 4 November (Proper 26) inclusive. During this time you can access resources from previous years by clicking on the relevant Sunday in the ‘Planning ahead?’ widget over on the right hand side of the website.

I’ll be back on Monday 29 October with new resources for Sunday 11 November!

Blessings, Trudi

4 comments to On leave…

  • Trevor Samson

    Have a great holiday and thanks for all the work you do

    God Bless

  • PeterQLD

    Thank you for this wonderful resource!!

    May God bless your leave!!

  • Pastor Melvin Salzke

    Have a wonderful break. Thanks for the massive work you do for this website – it is a great gift to those who use it. God’s rich blessing on your time and activities

  • Dieter Klier

    Have a well deserved break. Your work is much appreciated by those of us who rely on it. The Lord Himself says ‘Come aside and rest awhile’ He will be with you.