ANZAC Day (25 April)

Congregations wishing to include a remembrance of ANZAC Day in their worship on Sunday 24 April can use the following (written by Rev Dr David Grulke of the LCA). It could be placed immediately prior to the Prayer of the Church. Using ex-military members in this would be appropriate, as would the wearing of their medals to worship that day.

Other resources for ANZAC Day can be found here.



(read by Pastor or Military member)
L:The young service people who have died do not speak today.
Nevertheless, they are heard in the still houses.
Who has not heard them?
They speak in the silence and when the clock strikes eleven.
They say to us:
We were young and happy then.
We have died, please remember us.
They say:
We have done what we could, but until wars are finished, no one can know what our lives are really worth.
They say:
Our deaths are not ours, they belong to you; only you can give them meaning.
They say:
Whether our lives are for peace and a new hope, or for nothing, depends on you alone.
It is for you to decide.
They say:
We give you our deaths, please give them meaning.
We were young.
We have died.
Please remember us.

P: Eternal God, before whom generations rise and fall, have mercy upon human folly and failure.
C: We acknowledge the power of human greed, fear and jealousy; we acknowledge the aggression and pretence of nations. Forgive those sins that lead to war.
P: Almighty God, today we remember the courage and patriotism of men and women who resisted evil and defended freedom.
C: Help us to value the freedom eventually won that we may use it wisely so that people and nations may live together in harmony and freedom and face the future with confidence and hope. We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

P: Sovereign Lord, we pray for peace in this troubled world.
C: Prosper the activities of those who work to preserve human rights. Promote the endeavours of all who work for reconciliation and justice.
P: Deliver us from the forces of malice, jealousy and fear.
C: Direct us into the ways of understanding, co-operation and mutual respect.
P: Lord, bless all peacemakers.
C: Lord, sustain all peace keepers.
P: Break down all barriers of ignorance, suspicion and fear. Build up those things that make for peace, justice and freedom.
C: O God, we fervently pray for peace within the human family, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Peace. Amen.


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