Christmas Worship

Worship service orders for Christmas Eve/ Children’s Christmas Presentation

These orders were originally prepared by the Board for Congregational Life of the LCA in the 1980s. I’ve scanned them and reformatted them into Word documents. Feel free to edit them to suit your congregation’s needs. Change or omit the carols/hymns/songs; double up on the reader parts and involve youth and adults. Be creative!

You can download them here:

WORSHIP THE KING – focuses on Jesus the King

THREE QUESTIONS FOR CHRISTMAS – travel back to Bethlehem for the census with Mary and Joseph!

HANDS UP FOR JESUS! See also this PPT file which can be used to provide visuals during the service or as ideas for making banners.

GOOD NEWS FROM HEAVEN – based on Martin Luther’s famous carol ‘From Heaven above’.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS – cast in the form of a Birthday Party. Children will participate as they do in a birthday party.

And there’s more!

In 2016 we requested congregations to send in copies of Children’s Christmas Presentations they had written and were willing to share with the wider church. Thank you to all those who contributed! We present here an edited selection which would be suitable for a variety of situations, with thanks to the original authors.

And you will see Rather than a retelling of the Christmas story, this deals with the theme of darkness and light and God’s rescue of his people. Though scripted for up to 30 children, this could be adapted easily for less children, or for the inclusion of older members when your Sunday School is small. There are no suggestions for carols, but these could be inserted. These PowerPoint slides accompany the script: And you will see

CHRISTMAS A to Z This idea would be best suited for a Sunday School with limited resources or mostly very young children. It would work well with the involvement of youth or parents. They can create and decorate large letters on card, which could be placed somewhere in the church either in sequence (with a short sentence or Bible passage spoken by the child or parent), or non-sequentially but slowly building up as the Christmas Story is told. Any carols/songs could be sung at an appropriate time during the presentation. There’s room for some creativity. Working together as a family or in age-diverse groups is great for inter-generational relationships. The suggested words/phrases below are just that – suggestions, which you could modify.

Someone’s coming Quite a few parts in this play, so it’s suitable for a reasonable number of children of different ages. Songs are suggestions only.

Surprise surprise There are 10 characters who would have to be slightly older children. Young children could act some of the scenes or be angels or animals. Songs are suggestions only.

This Baby Changed My Life Here is a program suitable for whole congregation involvement, or perhaps youth and children of all ages, when numbers of children are limited. The Bible readings and reflections could be done by adults or youth, shepherds and angels and wise men by children, and the very young could be involved in a manger scene. Alternately, the whole program could be run by family groups. Songs are suggestions only.

THE COLOURS OF CHRISTMAS Written by Rob Handreck and first performed by the kids of St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Box Hill. This is very suitable for a group of young children, but can be adapted to include older children too. They can dress in colours, or make banners of different colours to bring in at the appropriate time. The possibilities are great. Add more music where appropriate. Unfortunately the ‘Christmas in the Scrub’ music book is no longer available so if you don’t have access to a copy, you will need to substitute other songs/carols.

NEW for 2018!

NEWS – People saved by baby   Imagine how things might have been if today’s technology was available in 40AD and someone just turned on the radio to hear the news… Here are 2 mp3 files you might like to use: the news theme

and snippet of a carol+news theme

KING OF KINGS  Written by Rob Handreck and first performed by the kids of St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Box Hill. This play traces the Old Testament story of God’s interaction with His people through a selection of kings (these can be varied), finishing with the King of kings.

A Studio Christmas This idea calls for an extrovert adult or young person to improvise and be the Director of a photo shoot. He/she is organizing a publicity shot for Christmas, and begins by getting the nativity scene set up with the usual cast of Mary, Joseph, Animals, Shepherds, Wisemen, Angels and of course, the Baby.  As each little group comes on, appropriate carols may be sung, or you could wait until they are all ‘on stage’ and then sing a carol. But there’s not enough colour or movement or fun, and the Director calls for more and more additions to the scene to make it more interesting. Finally, chaos reigns. The Pastor (or it could be another older person) then deconstructs the scene, until all that is left is Mary, Joseph and the Baby – the essentials.

Other service orders and resources for Christmas can be found here: Christmas Eve ; Christmas Day.

3 comments to Christmas Worship

  • Merrilyn Beaumont

    Dear COW

    What a blessing to find Christmas Resources on the LCA website.
    At Nunawading Waverley we have many Christmas Services prepared for our Children’s Ministry. The later ones include the Service PowerPoint, letters and email texts as well as basic scripts. Might any of these be helpful to share on COW?
    Yours in Christ
    Merrilyn Beaumont

  • Pastor Lester Reinbott

    Congregations appreciate resources for Christmas, however it would be good to get some plays without inn keepers and sheds at the back of inns. No innkeeper is mentioned in Matthew and Luke. The word “Inn” as used in Luke should be translated as “guest room”. There is a strong argument for Jesus being born in a house in Bethlehem (note that the wise men visit at a house). The birth probably took place in that part of the house where animals were housed at night and mangers were there for the feeding of stock. The Greek word “kataluma” wrongly translated as “inn” is used only twice in Luke and it’s second use is definitely “guest room” where the last supper took place. Note also the latest version of the NIV which relaces “inn” with ‘guest room” in Luke 2:7.

  • Wendy

    I am looking at the Colours of Christmas program to run with my small Sunday School, however, I cannot find the music for the songs by Leigh Newton as listed. Can someone please point me in the right direction please.