New resources of note!

Just letting you know of some new resources out there that you might find helpful:

  • Lectionary for Year C (2016) is available to download in either Word or pdf format here.
  • Music Resources Volume 2 – Sung Worship Services: All of the well known sung worship services of the LCA together in one, spiral bound, musician-friendly volume! Available for purchase here.
  • Themes for every Sunday of the Church year: Neil Stiller (retired LCA Pastor) has put together some handy notes on the themes from the readings for each Sunday of the Church year in the 3 year lectionary. Check out his website here.
  • Funeral Pack: For any pastors who missed out on their free USB at General Pastor’s Conference earlier this year or at Synod, the contents of the Funeral Pack are now available online.

Have a blessed weekend!

1 comment to New resources of note!

  • Tim Klein

    Hi Trudi.
    I really like the inclusion of the ‘New resources of note!’.
    I have already downloaded the lectionary for 2016 and Neil Stiller’s Advent themes,
    Thank you