Sunday 4 January, 2015 – Second Sunday after Christmas, Year B

Here are the resources you need for this Sunday. Please feel free to choose what is suitable for your congregation’s needs. You will notice that the orders of service are available in different formats: choose the “pdf” format if you want something that is ready to print and photocopy, the “doc” or “rtf” format if you wish to change the formatting yourself or the “ppt” format if you use PowerPoint.

Epiphany may also be observed on this day – see here for Epiphany resources.

  • Altar colour: White
  • Bible readings:
    FIRST READING Jeremiah 31:7-14 The Lord will gather Israel
    PSALM Psalm 147:12-15(16-18)19,20
    SECOND READING Ephesians 1:3-14 Paul’s thanksgiving and prayer
    GOSPEL John 1:(1-9)10-18 We saw God’s glory in Jesus
  • Sermons:
    Lay-readers please note: the linked sermons have not been edited for general use. As part of your preparations, keep in mind that they have been written for specific people in a specific context, and for this reason the issues they address or the examples they use may not be entirely suitable for people in your congregation. If you feel this is the case, you may need to make minor adjustments or find another sermon.
    Based on gospel reading: edited for lay reading sermon- john 1 1-18- year a- christmas 2 ; NEW edited for lay reading sermon – john 1 18 – year b – christmas 2
    Based on second reading: edited for lay reading sermon – ephesians 1 3-14 – year a – christmas 2 ; NEW Pr Stephen Pietsch ; NEW Pr Heath Pukallus

  • Orders of service:
    Christmas Sunday Word and Prayer (pdf/ doc/ ppt)
    Service of the Word (pdf / rtf / ppt)
    Morning Praise (pdf / rtf / ppt)
    Service without communion (pdf / doc / ppt)
  • Prayer of the Day (Collect): Choose one of the following
    Almighty God,
    since you wonderfully created us in your own image,
    and yet more wonderfully restored us:
    Grant that, as your Son our Lord Jesus Christ
    was made in our likeness,
    so we may share in his divine nature;
    through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    OR, modernised traditional
    Almighty God,
    you wonderfully created us in your own image,
    and even more wonderfully restored us.
    As your Son our Lord Jesus Christ
    was made in our likeness,
    so let us share in his divine nature.
    For he lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    OR, alternative
    (Let us pray that we may be light to the world. [silence])
    Almighty and merciful God,
    you gave your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ,
    to be the light of the world.
    Come to us in your word and sacraments,
    and make us shine with his glory,
    so that people throughout the world
    may know, worship, and obey him.
    For he lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    OR, new
    (Let us pray that the light of Christ shines in us. [silence])
    Almighty and merciful God,
    we thank you for sending to us the light for the world,
    the Word who became a human being
    and lived among us.
    Make the light of faith shine within us
    and be seen by those around us.
    We ask this through your Son,
    Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

  • Prayer after the gospel
    This is the gospel of the Lord.
    Praise to you, O Christ (, Light of the world).
    Lord Jesus Christ,
    thank you for coming with grace and truth.
    Lead us to know God by knowing you.

  • Offering prayer:
    Thank you, Lord, for sending your Son into the world
    to become a human being and to show us your love.
    Help us to praise your glory
    in our words and in our lives,
    by giving of ourselves in service
    to you and to our fellow human beings.
  • Prayer of the Church/ General Prayer: Prayer of the Church- Christmas 2B
  • Visual images for the day: His Word in Pictures
  • Song/Hymn suggestions: * =  Modernised version available (please click here to go to the Modernised hymns page) ;G3, G4 . . . =  Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . . .; GS =  Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH
    First reading : Jeremiah 31:7-14
    God rest you merry (various sources, eg Together at Christmas 31)
    435    Christians, now praise ye G6
    623    Now sing we, now rejoice G4
    630    O thou holiest, O thou happiest G7 (see TIS 330)
    732    Comfort, comfort GS
    313    Good Christians all, rejoice
    330    O how joyfully, O how hopefully
    647    Comfort, comfort
    25    Comfort, comfort
    94    God give you joy
    235    In your hand, my Saviour
    253    He turned my mourning into dancing

    Second reading : Ephesians 1:3-14
    20    O Jesus Christ all praise to Thee* G4
    22    Let us all with gladsome voice* G4
    32    O rejoice, ye Christians, loudly G7
    33    Hark, the herald angels sing G4
    147    O Morning Star, so bright and fair* G3 (mod TIS 199)
    322    Dear Christians, one and all rejoice* G3 (mod TIS 196)
    323    Blessed are the sons of  God* G4
    441    With joyful heart your praises sing* G3
    777    Father in heaven GS
    805    We are heirs of the Father GS
    871    My heart is filled with faith and wonder (vv 1-4) G6
    114    Blessed be the everlasting God
    115    Behold the amazing gift of love
    196    Dear Christians, one and all rejoice
    189    Glory to our boundless God
    199    Lord Jesus, our bright morning star
    221    Glory to God on high
    303    Hark! the herald angels sing
    465    Father in heaven
    12    We are family
    40    Holy, holy
    41    Father, we adore you
    57    Father God
    115    Father in heaven
    145    What wondrous love

    Gospel : John 1: (1-9) 10-18 (see also Christmas Day Proper III)
    47    Songs of thankfulness and praise* G4
    141    Father of heaven whose love G5
    154    Amazing love, that rent the heavens* G4
    746    What child is this GS
    822    God has spoken by his prophets G6
    823    Your strong word (vv 1, 2, 3, 6 or all) G5
    131    Father of heaven, whose love profound
    158    God has spoken by his prophets
    165    Praise our God, the great creator
    255    O Laughing Light
    258    Praise to you, O Christ
    300    On Christmas night
    431    Thanks to God whose word (esp v 2)
    528    The Son of God proclaim (holy communion)
    132    Anna’s song
    244    We have seen the Word of life
    329    This kingdom

    PSALM 147
    Below is a paraphrase by David Schütz which may be sung to the tune Merton (LH 1, TIS 264), Laus Deo (LH 17, TIS 525), or Stuttgart (LH 42, TIS 291). It also fits the tune of John Bell’s ‘Sing to God with joy and gladness’ (TIS 92, ATO 325), which is a paraphrase of the first part of Psalm 147. If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

    Praise the Lord, you folk of Zion!
    Praise your God, Jerusalem!
    He has strengthened your defences,
    blest your daughters and your sons.

    He gives peace within your borders,
    fills you with the finest wheat.
    He sends heralds with his orders
    to the world on running feet.

    Who can stand the cold he sends us –
    frost and hail and freezing snow?
    He sends out his word to thaw them,
    making frozen rivers flow.

    He declares his word to Jacob,
    gives his laws to Israel.
    He has done this for no other.
    Praise the Lord! His glories tell!

    Music Resources Vol. 3– Psalm settings: Psalm 147 p246

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