Sunday 26 May, 2013- Holy Trinity, Year C

Here are the resources you need for this Sunday. Please feel free to choose what is suitable for your congregation’s needs. You will notice that the orders of service are available in different formats: choose the “pdf” format if you want something that is ready to print and photocopy, the “doc” or “rtf” format if you wish to change the formatting yourself or the “ppt” format if you use PowerPoint.

  • Altar colour: White
  • Bible readings:
    FIRST READING Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 Wisdom’s role in creation
    PSALM Psalm 8 *For musical settings of this Psalm, please see the song suggestions below*
    SECOND READING Romans 5:1-5 The Christian experience of the Trinity
    GOSPEL John 16:12-15 The Spirit from God will bear witness to Jesus
  • Sermons:
    Lay-readers please note: the linked sermons have not been edited for general use. As part of your preparations, keep in mind that they have been written for specific people in a specific context, and for this reason the issues they address or the examples they use may not be entirely suitable for people in your congregation. If you feel this is the case, you may need to make minor adjustments or find another sermon

    Based on Romans readings: Pr Heath Pukallus
    Based on gospel reading: Pr Roger Atze
    Based on Psalm 8:  edited for lay reading sermon – psalm 8 – year c – trinity
  • Orders of service:
    After Pentecost Sunday Word & Prayer ( pdf / doc / ppt )
    Service of the Word (pdf / rtf / ppt)
    Morning Praise (pdf / rtf / ppt)
    Service without communion (pdf / doc / ppt)
  • Prayer of the Day (Collect): Choose one of the following
    Almighty and eternal God,
    since you have given us grace,
    by the confession of the true faith,
    to acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity,
    and to worship the Unity
    by the power of your divine majesty:
    Keep us firm in this faith,
    and defend us forever from all evil;
    for you live and reign,
    one God, now and forever.

    OR, modernised traditional
    Almighty and eternal God,
    you have given us faith
    to affirm the glory of the eternal Trinity
    and to worship you as One.
    Keep us firm in this faith
    and safe with you forever.
    For you live and reign, one God,
    now and forever.

    OR, new (revised alternative)
    (Let us pray for faith in the Triune God. [silence])
    Eternal God,
    you have revealed yourself
    as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
    and you live in the perfect unity of love.
    Give us a sure faith in you,
    so that we share in your holy fellowship and life
    as three Persons in one God,
    now and forever.

  • Prayer of the Church/ General Prayer: Prayer of the Church – Trinity C
  • Offering Prayer:
    Loving Triune God,
    teach us, your children,
    to praise and glorify you with our lives
    and all that we have,
    by serving others.
  • Visual images for the day: His Word in Pictures
  • Song/Hymn suggestions: * =  Modernised version available (please click here to download the text file) ;G3, G4 . . . =  Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . . .; GS =  Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH
    First reading  Proverbs 8:1-4,22-31

    589    I sing the almighty power of God
    779    My Lord of light who made the worlds G8
    812    The Lord in wisdom made the earth G8
    333    You are our God
    119    I sing the almighty power of God
    143    Immortal, invisible, God only wise
    166    Sing a new song, sing a new song
    167    How deep the riches of our God
    415    Praise the Spirit in creation (vv 1,6)

    Second reading: Romans 5:1-5

    118    O Holy Ghost, to Thee we all pray (vv 3,4)* G3
    121    Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord (vv 1,3)* G4
    127    Come, Holy Spirit, come (vv 2,3,4)* G4
    128    O Spirit of life, O Spirit of God (vv 2,5,6)* G5
    138    The Lord my God be praised G8
    141    Father of heaven, whose love profound G5
    321    Faith is a living power from heaven* G5
    337    God from all eternity* (tune 276) G5
    349    Jesus, I my cross have taken G3
    397    Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us G4
    411    If God be my defender* G3
    441    With joyful hearts your praises bring* G3
    852    God loved the world so that he gave G5
    880    How shall I call you? GS
    40    Holy, holy
    43    How shall I call you ?
    349    There is a redeemer
    359    Holy Spirit, living water
    398    A child of God
    448    Loving Spirit
    118    We give immortal praise
    131    Father of heaven, whose love profound
    154    Great is your faithfulness, O God my Father
    399    Come, Spirit of God, holy Lord
    401    O Spirit of life, O Spirit of God
    425    Come, Spirit blest, our hearts inspire
    580    Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us

    Gospel: John 16:12-15

    116    Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove* G8
    117    Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire
    118    O Holy Ghost, to Thee we all pray (vv 1,2)* G3
    121    Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord (v 2)* G4
    125    Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove G5
    127    Come, Holy Spirit, come (vv 1,6)* G4
    128    O Spirit of life, O Spirit of God (esp v 4)* G5
    296    My Maker, be Thou nigh* G5
    785    In Adam we have all been one G5
    822    God has spoken by his prophets G6
    251    God sends us his Spirit
    158    God has spoken by his prophets
    396    Come, Holy Spirit, our souls inspire
    399    Come, Spirit of God, holy Lord (v 2)
    401    O Spirit of life, O Spirit of God (esp v 4)
    402    Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove
    408    O breath of God, breathe on us now
    412    God sends us his Spirit
    413    Holy Spirit, come confirm us
    422    Come, Holy Spirit, come!
    436    Your words to me are life and health

    Any hymns from the Trinity sections of the Lutheran Hymnal (135-142) or Supplement (776-779) are suitable for this day. The following may also be considered suitable:

    116    Come Holy Spirit, heavenly dove *(esp verse 5)
    197    Lord, keep us steadfast in thy word*
    532    O Trinity, most blessed light (esp suitable for an evening service)
    897    Kyrie, God, Father in heaven above (not easy for a congregation, but worth the choir giving it a go)
    * modernised version available

    40    Holy, holy
    41    Father, we adore you
    42    Now unto the King eternal
    43    How shall I call you
    90    Father, bless us
    115    Father in heaven
    118    The baptism song
    120    One God
    155    We believe
    158    Come, sing our praises loud
    168    Hear our prayer
    250    How majestic is your name
    271    For the bread
    301    Prayer of peace
    362    I believe, I do
    557    We praise God

    PSALM 8
    The following paraphrase, by David Schütz, is sung to the tune Portland, LHS 374. If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

    O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth
    your glorious name is ever praised.
    Even on lips of infant babes
    your song is raised.

    When I look at the sun and moon,
    the stars and all in heav’n above,
    how is it that we humans know
    your saving love?

    How can it be that you should care
    for us poor creatures of the dust?
    Yet you have made us like yourself
    and honoured us.

    Over all creatures great and small
    you let us share your power to reign.
    O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth
    we praise your name.

    Music Resources Vol. 3– Psalm settings: Psalm 8 p11 , Psalm 8 p12

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