Sunday 6 January, 2013- The Epiphany of our Lord, Year C

Resources for Epiphany can be found here.

Additional resources are as follows:

  • An alternative Prayer of the Church/ General Prayer:Prayer of the Church – Epiphany C
  • Offering Prayer:
    Thank you, Lord, for shining on us
    with the brightness of your presence.
    Lead us always to worship Christ our king,
    and to reflect your light to others
    by lives of loving service.
  • Visual images for the day: His Word in Pictures
  • More song/hymn suggestions for Epiphany:
    All of the hymns in the Epiphany sections of the Lutheran Hymnal with Supplement (37-47, 747-751) will be suitable for this day, but be aware that they will also be applicable for the following Sundays, so don’t use them all at once! Here are a few suggestions for their use:
    37    O wondrous type*     Use this one for Transfiguration.
    38    In peace and joy I now depart*     Especially relevant to the festival of the Presentation (2 Feb). It may also be used as a post-communion canticle.
    39    O Christ, thou Lord eternal*    A beautiful, general Epiphany hymn, notable in that it is one of the few very early Reformation hymns written by a woman.
    40    As with gladness men of old     The classic Epiphany carol. Use this one as an offertory or pre-communion hymn.
    41    O Jesus, king of glory*     The heading in the Hymnal suggests that this is based on Matt 2:1-12, but really it is much more general, and can be used throughout the season.
    42    Earth has many a noble city*   Use this one on Epiphany itself.
    43    Gentiles, rise to greet the morning    An opening hymn for use in a morning service.
    44    Thou light of gentile nations*     A hymn for the festival of the Presentation (2 Feb). Especially appropriate in the evening or as a closing hymn, it may also be used for the post-communion canticle.
    45    Hail, thou source of every blessing*     Use this for an opening hymn, or for a pre-communion hymn.
    46    Angels from the realms of glory   A Christmas carol that doubles for an Epiphany hymn on the basis of verse 3. Note the traditional French tune Iris, not in LH, with the refrain ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo!’ which is probably better known. See the Oxford Book of Carols, or other popular Christmas carol book, or TIS.
    47    Songs of thankfulness and praise*    Use as a hymn of the day or even of the season. Covers all the Epiphany seasonal themes from the old 1-year lectionary.
    747    How good, Lord, to be here    Save this one for Transfiguration
    748    When Christ our Lord to Jordan came    Save this one for First Sunday after Epiphany (Baptism of our Lord), unless observing Epiphany on this day.
    749    When Christ’s appearing was made known   Covers the traditional Epiphany and post-Epiphany themes according to the old 1-year lectionary: Wise men, baptism of Jesus, changing water into wine.
    750    When Jesus lived among us    Applicable for the whole season from Christmas to Transfiguration. Note especially the transition into the Lenten theme in the last verse. The last verse also makes it a good pre-communion hymn.
    751    Wise men, they came    This one is probably best used on Epiphany itself. It could be a good offertory hymn.
    *Modernised version available

    17    Emmanuel: God is with us
    104    Now, Lord, you let your servant go
    126    The light of Christ    Any songs to do with the light of Christ are appropriate.
    128    I am the light of the world   Probably the most appropriate of all the light-theme songs, this one is a good sending-out song.
    132    Anna’s song
    137    I heard the voice of Jesus
    141    Mary’s child
    162    King of kings and Lord of lords
    165    He is the King of kings   These choruses are appropriate for Epiphany. If a procession is held at Epiphany, these are easy to remember and could be sung for as long as the procession takes.
    199    I know where I’m going   Not a well-known song, but suitable for a soloist to sing at Epiphany.
    214    The Lord is my light
    217    Shine, Jesus, shine
    221    They were waiting  This may seem like an Advent hymn, but the second half of each verse proclaims the Advent as an accomplished event. Verse three touches on the wise men.
    239    Listen to him
    244    We have seen the Word of life (v 4)
    262    Shine on me, Lord
    307    Walking in the light of God (It is a great thing)
    313    Christ, be our light
    315    Drawn to the light
    344    The New Road (esp vv 1-4, 8 )
    358    Gift to the world   Theme of gift-giving, a good offertory.
    371    Singing glory   OK for Christmas, excellent for Epiphany. Perhaps could be used for the hymn of adoration (instead of Gloria).
    389    Light of the nations   Especially good for the festival of the Presentation (2 Feb). Could be used as a response to prayers.
    400    Deep peace
    402    God has chosen me
    409    We are marching in the light of God
    425    God moving
    441    Jesus was sent

  • PSALM 72
    A paraphrased version of Psalm 72 from the Iona Community may be found in John L Bell, Psalms of patience, protest and praise on page 37.

    Another metrical version of Psalm 72:1-7,10-14, by David Schütz, is given here to be sung to the tune Dix (LH 40, TIS 314). If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

    Give the King your justice, God,
    give his son your righteousness.
    With your righteous justice, Lord,
    he will act for those oppressed.
    So the fruit of justice spills
    from the mountains and the hills.

    He will crush those who oppress,
    use his power to save the poor.
    He’ll endure like sun and moon
    through the ages evermore.
    Like the rain upon the field,
    justice brings a prosperous yield.

    May the rulers of the isles
    and the kings of Sheba bring
    tribute to our sovereign Lord,
    gifts of homage to our King.
    May all kings and nations fall
    down before the King of all!

    He will hear the needy cry,
    help the helpless in distress.
    He’ll take pity on the weak,
    save his people close to death.
    He will save them in the fight.
    They are precious in his sight.

    Music Resources Vol. 3– Psalm settings : Psalm 72 p120

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