Friday 6 April, 2012- Good Friday

The resources for Good Friday can be found here (the readings for Good Friday are the same in each year of the Revised Common Lectionary).

Here are some additional resources:

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  • Pastor Martin Scharnke

    If you are using the Narrative passion interspersed with Chorales, the 3rd one can be a difficult tune. I have revised the words after re-translating literally from the German, so that they may be sung to 66.66 Trochaic Tune St Martin LHS 274:
    Jesus, help me ponder
    on your holy passion;
    send your Spirit’s power
    Help my meditation.

    What you suffered for me:
    Help my heart to cherish;
    Grant your healing death mean
    that I may not perish.

    Siegmund von Birken,
    Tr. August Crull, alt
    Modified: Martin Scharnke 2012

  • peter Pfitzner

    Is there a Lay reading service available as the comment above is unclear on how to approach this service. /please could it be easy tk follow.

    Peter Pfitzner

  • Trudi

    Just follow the links to the Good Friday post from last year and all the resources (including a lay read service order) will be there as usual.

  • Trudi

    Thanks Pr Martin- that’s very helpful!

  • Tim Klein

    I have at some PPT material suitable for Good Friday . . .

    1. Gospel text in the shape of a cross to fill a slide

    2. Series of slides to accompany the reading of the Gospel

    3. Set of slides of a simple yet sublime reflective song text by Sarah Klein

    please email me if you would like to consider using them.
    Tim Klein