Sunday 4 March, 2012- Second Sunday in Lent, Year B

Here are the resources you need for this Sunday. Please feel free to choose what is suitable for your congregation’s needs. You will notice that the orders of service are available in different formats: choose the “pdf” format if you want something that is ready to print and photocopy, the “doc” or “rtf” format if you wish to change the formatting yourself or the “ppt” format if you use PowerPoint.

  • Altar colour: Violet
  • Bible readings:
    FIRST READING Genesis 17:1-7, 15,16 God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah
    PSALM Psalm 22:23-31 *For musical settings of this Psalm, please see the song suggestions below*
    SECOND READING Romans 4:13-25 Abraham received God’s promise through faith
    GOSPEL Mark 8:31-38 The cost of discipleship
  • Sermons:
    Lay-readers please note: the linked sermons have not been edited for general use. As part of your preparations, keep in mind that they have been written for specific people in a specific context, and for this reason the issues they address or the examples they use may not be entirely suitable for people in your congregation. If you feel this is the case, you may need to make minor adjustments or find another sermon

    Based on gospel reading: Pr Mark Greenthaner ; Pr Roger Atze ; Pr Simon Cooper ; edited for lay reading sermon – mark 8 31-38 – year b – lent 2
  • Orders of service:
    Lent Sunday Word and Prayer (pdf / doc / ppt)
    Service of the Word (pdf / rtf / ppt)
    Morning Praise (pdf / rtf / ppt)
    Service without communion (pdf / doc / ppt)
  • Prayer of the Day (Collect): Choose one of the following
    O God,
    since you know that by ourselves
    we have no strength:
    Keep us both outwardly and inwardly,
    that we may be defended from all adversities
    that may happen to the body,
    and from all evil thoughts
    that may assault and hurt the soul;
    through your Son,
    Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    OR, modernised traditional

    Lord God,
    you know that by ourselves we have no strength.
    Defend us from all calamities
    that may happen to the body,
    and cleanse us from all evil thoughts
    that may attack the soul.
    We ask this through your Son,
    Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    OR, new (revised alternative)
    (Let us pray that we deny ourselves and trust in Christ. [silence])
    Merciful God,
    we thank you for sending your Son
    to suffer and give his life for all people.
    Teach us, who have been born again,
    to forget ourselves
    and rely only on Christ our Saviour.
    For he lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

  • Prayer of the Church/ General Prayer:Prayer of the Church- Lent 2B
  • Offering prayer:
    Lord God, help us always rely on your promises to us.
    Strengthen us for service
    as your followers.
    Lead us to forget ourselves for your sake,
    and give of ourselves for others.

  • Visual images for the day: His Word in Pictures
  • Song/Hymn suggestions: * = Modernised version available (please click here to download the modernised text file) ;G3, G4 . . . = Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . . .; GS = Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH
    First reading: Genesis 17:1-7,15,16

    456     The God of Abraham praise G7
    403     God of Abraham (selected verses)
    116     Begin my tongue some heavenly theme
    125     The God of Abraham praise

    Second reading: Romans 4:13-25

    142    We all believe in one true God* G3
    322     Dear Christians, one and all rejoice* G3
    323     Blessed are the sons of God *G4
    324     Salvation unto us has come *
    326     O how great is Thy compassion * G3
    413     Why should cross and trial grieve me?
    130     I am covered over
    495    Come and follow me
    195     Salvation now to us has come
    196     Dear Christians, one and all rejoice
    219     Jesus comes with all his grace
    435    We all believe in God who made

    Gospel: Mark 8:31-38

    156     Jesus our Saviour, of true joy the giver* G3
    336     ‘Come follow me’, the Saviour spake* G3
    351     ‘Take up thy cross’, the Saviour said G9
    361     Let us ever walk with Jesus* G5
    385     With all my heart I love Thee, Lord* G7
    750     When Jesus lived among us  G7
    261     From heaven you came, helpless babe
    401     Follow me
    413     Will you come and follow me
    495    Come and follow me
    500   Our lives for you
    506    O let’s get up to love and serve
    579    Go and tell
    208     Jesus has come, and brings joy as our Saviour
    251     Lord Christ, we praise your sacrifice
    256     From heaven you came, helpless babe
    583     ‘Take up your cross’, the Saviour said

    PSALM 22
    The following paraphrase of Psalm 22:23-31 by David Schütz may be sung to the tune ‘Vine and fig tree’, ATN 36 (note that in the second last bar the second crochet must be played as two quavers. If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

    Now praise the Lord, everyone who fears him!
    All Jacob’s children, praise his name;
    and all you children of Israel, fear him,
    and glorify him every day!
    For he does not despise the poor,
    those who are down are not ignored.
    He did not hide his face from me,
    he heard my cry and answered me.

    So when I stand in the congregation,
    there all my praise will come from him.
    And in the presence of those who fear him,
    there I will pay my vows to him.
    Then there will be food for the poor,
    then they will all be satisfied.
    Praise him, all those who seek the Lord,
    and may your spirit never die.

    Then shall the ends of the earth remember
    and ev’ry land turn to the Lord,
    and all the fam’lies of ev’ry nation
    shall worship him and hear his word.
    For all dominion is the Lord’s,
    power and might belong to him.
    He rules the nations as their king,
    he brings his love and grace to them.

    Then even those who have died will worship,
    and I will always live for him.
    And generations to come will serve him,
    for they will all be told of him.
    They will proclaim his saving love
    to those who have not yet been born.
    They will be told what we have learnt
    that, by the Lord, it has been done.

    Music Resources Vol 3– Psalm settings- Psalm 22 p33 , Psalm 22 p34

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