Wednesday 22 February, 2012- Ash Wednesday

For a full list of resources for Ash Wednesday from last year, please click here. (Note: the readings for Ash Wednesday are the same for each year in the lectionary).

Here are some additional new resources:

Based on 2 Corinthians reading: Pr Heath Pukallus
Based on gospel reading: edited for lay reading sermon – matt 6 1-6 16-21 – year b – ash wed

Visual images: His Word in Pictures

Offering Prayer: Use the offering prayer in the Word and Prayer service order or use the following

Merciful God,
you gave your Son to take our sin.
Lead us to give ourselves and what we have
for your service.
Help us to discipline ourselves,
so that we may show your care
to those in need.

PSALM 51 – The Allegri Miserere
In the 1960s, the Choir of Kings College, Cambridge, under the direction of David Willcocks, recorded an English version of the Allegri Miserere, with Roy Goodman as the solo treble. If a recording of this piece can be obtained, or another recording in English, and the text of the psalm provided for the congregation to follow (from the old Book of Common Prayer), it provides a suitably meditative pause in the Ash Wednesday service.

PSALM 51:1-17 – Versions for the congregation to sing
TIS 32, Have mercy on me, O God, is a version of Psalm 51:1-4a,10-12,15; and TIS 31, Have mercy on us, living Lord, is a paraphrase of the whole psalm.

Here are two metrical versions of Psalm 51:1-17 by David Schütz for the congregation to sing together. Since both versions are rather long, consider alternating verses between men and women or left and right sides of the church. If reproducing either of these versions, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

Version 1. Tune: Aus tiefer Not (Luther) LH 310

Have mercy on me, O my God,
according to your steadfast love;
wipe my transgressions from your sight,
according to your gen’rous grace.
O wash me from iniquity,
and cleanse me from the stain of sin;
for I know my transgressions.

I’ve sinned against you, Lord, alone,
and done what’s evil in your sight,
so you are right to sentence me,
and blameless when you judge my sin.
Indeed, a sinner I was born,
but you seek truth within my heart;
so make me know your wisdom.

Purge me with hyssop, make me clean;
O wash me, make me white as snow.
Let me hear sounds of joy again;
and give me gladness in my soul.
O let the bones you crushed be healed
and turn your face from all my sins,
blot out all my transgressions.

Create in me a clean heart, God,
and let my spirit be renewed.
Don’t cast me out, away from you,
or take your spirit from my heart.
Restore to me the joy I knew
when first you saved me from my sin.
Uphold me with your spirit.

Then I will teach your way to those
whose sin has brought them to despair;
and I will teach them how you save,
and then they will return to you.
O rescue me, my saving God,
from death, so that my heart will sing
out loud of how you saved me.

Open my lips, O Lord, and I
will tell about your love to all.
For you require no sacrifice;
there’s nothing I could offer you.
The sacrifice you ask of me,
is but a broken, contrite heart.
And this, I know, you’ll not despise.

Version 2. Tune: Delay not LH 304

Have mercy upon me, O God, in your love;
blot out my transgressions, O merciful God;
O wash me and cleanse me from all of my guilt,
for I know my sin and I know what I’ve done.

Against you, O Father, alone, I have sinned,
and done what is evil, condemned by your law.
I know that your judgment is righteous and true;
I know I am guilty, that’s how I was born.

But you look for truth in my innermost thoughts;
so give me your wisdom deep down in my heart.
Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean,
and wash me and make me far whiter than snow.

Let me hear your good news that I may be glad;
and let me rejoice when my hurts have been healed.
Don’t let your eyes rest on the sins I have done;
blot out from your memory the things I’ve done wrong.

Create a clean heart within me, O my God,
and put a right spirit within me, O Lord.
Don’t chase me away from your presence, I pray,
and don’t take your life-giving spirit away.

O Lord, be my Saviour, renew all my joy,
sustain in me your willing spirit to serve;
and then I will teach those who sin of your love,
and they will return to you, just as I have.

Deliver me, God, from the evil of death;
and then I will praise you, O Saviour, and sing.
Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare
your praise now and ever, here and everywhere.

You take no delight in the offerings we bring;
there’s nothing you ask of us that we should give.
There’s only one sacrifice that you accept:
a heart that is sorry and ready for love.

Music Resources Vol 3– Psalm settings: Psalm 51 p93 , Psalm 51 p94

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