Harvest Thanksgiving, Year B

Here are the resources you need for Harvest Thanksgiving. Please feel free to choose what is suitable for your congregation’s needs. You will notice that the orders of service are available in different formats: choose the “pdf” format if you want something that is ready to print and photocopy, the “doc” or “rtf” format if you wish to change the formatting yourself or the “ppt” format if you use PowerPoint.

Note: The Harvest Thanksgiving festival may be celebrated on any day of the church year, as is appropriate in the local context. It is customary in many places to commemorate the festival on one of the Sundays after Epiphany, normally before the beginning of Lent.

  • Altar colour: Green or the colour of the season
  • Bible readings:
    FIRST READING Joel 2:21-27 God restores fertility to the land
    PSALM Psalm 126 *For musical settings of this Psalm, please see the song suggestions below*
    SECOND READING 1 Timothy 2:1-7 Pray and give thanks
    GOSPEL Matthew 6:25-33 Do not worry – God cares for you
  • Sermons:
    Lay-readers please note: the linked sermons have not been edited for general use. As part of your preparations, keep in mind that they have been written for specific people in a specific context, and for this reason the issues they address or the examples they use may not be entirely suitable for people in your congregation. If you feel this is the case, you may need to make minor adjustments or find another sermon.

    Based on gospel: Pr Vince Gerhardy; Pr David Christian ; NEW Pr Peter Ghalayini ; NEW edited for lay reading sermon – matt 6 25-33 – year b – harvest thanksgiving
    Based on first reading: Pr Stephen Pietsch
  • Orders of service:
    Service of the Word (pdf / rtf/ ppt)
    Morning Praise (pdf/ rtf/ ppt)
    Service without communion (pdf / doc /ppt )
    Service orders with holy communion
    Service with communion (page 6) (pdf / doc / ppt)
    Alternative form A (page 58) (pdf / doc/ ppt)
    Sing the Feast (Chataway) (pdf / doc/ ppt)
    Simplified Spoken (pdf / doc/ ppt)
  • Prayer of the Day (Collect): Choose one of the following
    Lord God, heavenly Father,
    as you have graciously permitted us once more
    to gather in the fruits of the earth:
    Let your blessing continue to rest upon us,
    so that we may at all times
    gratefully receive whatever we need;
    through your Son,
    Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    OR, modernised traditional
    Lord God, heavenly Father,
    we thank you that you have again
    shown your kindness
    by giving us the fruits of the earth
    in their seasons.
    Help us to use them rightly,
    to your glory,
    for our own wellbeing,
    and for the relief of those in need.
    We ask this through your Son,
    Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    For use in times of a failed harvest

    Heavenly Father,
    when you brought drought upon the land in the time of Elijah the prophet,
    you provided for the widow and her son, so that the little they had was sufficient for them.
    Comfort us and provide for us in this time of drought (/failed harvest).
    Give us patience, so that we may not despair of your help. Preserve the little which we have,
    and by your blessing let our present need work for our good.
    We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

  • Prayer of the Church/ General Prayer: Prayer of the Church – Harvest Thanksgiving
  • Offering Prayer:
    Heavenly Father, thank you for all the good things
    you continue to provide for us.
    Don’t let us take your gifts for granted
    or abuse them.
    Instead, help us always to rely on you in faith.
    Use us and what you have given us
    for your good purposes.
  • Prayer after the gospel:
    This is the gospel of the Lord.
    Praise to you, O Christ.
    Thank you, Lord Jesus,
    for assuring us that our heavenly Father cares for us.
    Strengthen our faith and keep us from worrying.
  • Prayer after communion:
    Heavenly Father,
    you raised your Son
    to be the firstfruits
    of the resurrection from the dead.
    As we have received
    the body and blood of our risen Lord,
    gather us into your kingdom
    at the final harvest.
    We ask this
    through Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who lives and reigns
    with you and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, now and forever.

    Go in peace, with thankful hearts to serve the Lord.
    Thanks be to God.
    OR In the name of Christ. Amen.

  • Visual images for the day: His Word in Pictures
  • Song/Hymn suggestions: * =  Modernised version available (please click here to go to the Modernised hymns page) ;G3, G4 . . . =  Guitar chords available in the Music Package 3, 4 . . .; GS =  Guitar chords in the Supplement to LH
    First reading : Joel 2:21-27

    429    All creatures of our God and King G6
    430    From all that dwell below the skies G6
    463    O worship the King, all glorious above
    563    We plough the fields and scatter G4
    564    Come, ye thankful people, come G4
    565    Praise, O praise, our God and king
    567    Sing to the Lord of harvest* G9
    811    Praise and thanksgiving GS
    814    For the fruits of his creation G6
    325    Sing to God with joy
    330    These good gifts
    72    From all that dwell below the skies
    83    Let us with a gladsome mind
    100    All creatures of our God and king
    130    We plough the fields and scatter
    133    O worship the King, all glorious above
    168    For the fruits of all creation
    627    Praise and thanksgiving

    Second reading: 1 Timothy 2:1-7

    462    God of mercy, God of grace G6
    519    While yet the morn is breaking* G4
    520    Now the shades of night are gone
    566    Christ, by heavenly hosts adored G9
    570    Lord, while for all mankind we pray G6
    574    Swell the anthem, raise the song
    168    Hear our prayer
    265    For all your goodness, Lord
    278    Lord, hear our prayer
    286    Lord, hear my praying
    330    These good gifts
    104    While morning still is breaking
    452    God of mercy, God of grace
    657    God of freedom, God of justice
    672    Lord of earth and all creation
    689    Lord, hear my praying

    Gospel: Matthew 6:25-33

    386    In Thee is gladness* G7
    400    From God shall nought divide me* G3
    402    Rejoice my heart,  be glad and sing* G6
    435    Christians, now praise ye G6
    33    Seek ye first
    235    In your hand, my Saviour
    364    In you is gladness
    404    Let nothing trouble you (chorus)
    640    Nice one, Jesus
    200    In you is gladness
    598    Dear Father, Lord of  humankind
    619    Have faith in God, my heart

    See the following.

    814    For the fruits of his creation G6
    887    We praise you, O God, our redeemer, creator

    123    Morning has broken (Especially appropriate as an opening hymn)
    182    Christ is changing everything
    243    Wander in the sun
    325    Sing to God with joy
    330   These good gifts
    361    Here we are
    365    Lord of all
    447    Ordinary miracles
    456    Everything we got
    605    God of Creation
    644    Thank God you’re here

    PSALM 126
    The following metrical paraphrase of Psalm 126 by David Schütz may be sung to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy (LHS 895, TIS 152). If reproducing this version, please put ‘Words (c) David Schütz’ at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

    When the Lord restored Jerus’lem,
    then we were like those who dream,
    then our mouths were filled with laughter,
    and our tongues with shouts of joy.
    Then they said among the nations,
    ‘See, the Lord has worked for them.’
    Yes, the Lord has done this for us,
    we rejoice and sing his praise!

    Like a river in the desert,
    Lord, restore us once again.
    May all those who sow with weeping,
    harvest with great shouts of joy.
    Those who bore their seed in sorrow,
    going out to sow in tears,
    will return with shouts of gladness,
    bringing in their sheaves of grain.

    Music Resources, Volume 3– Psalm Settings: Psalm 126 p218, Psalm 126 p220, Psalm 126 p221, Psalm 126 p222

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