Extra verses for Silent Night

Here are 3 extra verses for Silent Night that you may like to include in your worship services. They have been translated from the original German and though uncommon in Australia, they are used widely in churches in America. Thanks to Pr Vernon Kleinig for bringing these verses to our attention!

Silent night! Holy night!
Brings to earth saving light;
Grace fulfilled to us is giv’n
From the golden heights of heaven,
Comes in lowly birth,
Comes in lowly birth.

Silent night! Holy night!
Shows to each his great might.
Love descends from heaven above;
Dwells with us in brotherly love,
Hailed by nations afar,
Hailed by nations afar.

Silent night! Holy night!
Grants us grace, from sin’s plight;
Stills God’s wrath as was foretold
By His prophets in days of old.
Peace, goodwill to all,
Peace, goodwill to all.

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