Time to move to the new Worship Planning Page!

From the end of November 2019, no new services will be posted on this site. Please go to the new Worship Planning Page here for all your service preparation needs.

We give thanks to God for the hard work and dedication which has gone into this site over many years, especially by Trudi Skene, the previous Coordinator. We are moving to the new site because the software and security settings needed upgrading, and to allow for more resources to be offered. Please be assured that the new site will still provide everything you need to plan and prepare worship services. If you currently subscribe to this site, your subscription has been transferred to the new site automatically.

I encourage you to watch the Introduction Video for the new site. You can find it on the Home Page of the new site, or by clicking here.

God bless you,

Libby Krahling
WPP Coordinator


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