sermon – luke 13 31-35 – year c – lent 2

sermon - luke 13 31-35 - year c - lent 2

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  • Dieter Klier

    I am having a lot of difficulty downloading sermons for lay-reading from the current system. Have had to go to Missouri Synod System for sermons. Can we return to the previous system please?
    Kind regards,
    Dieter Klier
    St. Peter’s
    Lavington NSW

  • Admin

    Hi Dieter, I am sorry you are having trouble downloading the sermons. I haven’t changed the system. You should be able to click on the name of the sermon and it will take you to a new tab, where you will either be able to open the sermon in Word or you will see a bold version of the name to click on. This will then open the sermon in Word. If you would like to email me at , I will be happy to help you work out any issues more directly. Blessings, Libby

  • Michael Prenzler

    Hi Dieter, I was able to download this file. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch? I suggest you try again. Blessings, Michael

  • Robin Krause

    I too am having trouble downloading the sermons. I can always get the first one and then the site gets stuck. So we do always have one!
    Thanks for this great resource.

  • Admin

    Hi Robin, My apologies for the problems you have been experiencing. I have sent you an email to collect more information about the problem so I can solve it for you more easily. If anyone else is having trouble downloading resources, could you please email me at and let me know exactly what happens when you try to download a sermon? Thank you, Libby

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