3 comments to EpiphanySundayWordandPrayer

  • Anne Siviour

    Hi, not sure if I am doing this right or not…… I imagined I would just down load the power point presentation, but can not seem to find it, so figure that we must register & it will be then sent to us??

    We are finding this website fantastic as a congegation (Lock) to use. Keep up the good work, Anne

  • Anne Siviour

    Have worked it out now!!!

  • peter Pfitzner

    Your resource pages for reading services are very good, but woul like you to add to at least one of the power point presentations the bible readings as set down for the week and the Psalm as recomended in the right place and where the songs are to be inserted the list of songs appropriate for the place and if posible the prayer as on the site included in the right place.

    As we are all busy, I find doing the complete filling in of the spots takes some time and it accures to me that there must be a whole lot of peole doing exactly the same thing to prepare a reading service it would be nice for the assistance to go just a little further.
    Regards Peter Pfitzner Griffith NSW

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