Prayer of the Church – Easter 1C

Prayer of the Church - Easter 1C

2 comments to Prayer of the Church – Easter 1C

  • Teresa Goldsbrough

    Hi Trudi, thank you for providing such beautiful guidelines for the Prayer of the Church.
    the following comment is not a criticism, more an observation and comment.
    ould consideration be given to sometimes using a different ‘invitation’ and Response? I appreciate this can be undertaken by each individual when they tailor for their service however I am sure your words of wisdom would add to the context.
    regards, Teresa

  • Kathy Matuschka

    Interesting you said that, Teresa, as I was having similar thoughts about engaging everyone in speaking their thanks to God this Easter. If you can print or put this on power point for everyone, you could make the petitions themselves responsive, eg
    Leader: Your Son said ‘Peace me with you’
    Cong: We thank you for your gift of peace.
    All: Bring your peace to the world and to our own country.

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