Prayer of the Church – Transfiguration C

Prayer of the Church - Transfiguration C

3 comments to Prayer of the Church – Transfiguration C

  • Tim Klein

    Good morning Libby.
    It’s a couple weeks now and I have been meaning to make a suggestion (you are probably already on to this) that the font in the blog be changed with the changeover to a ‘sans’ font. I use tahoma – it’s a kind of relaxed arial. It’s one that works well for PPT as well.
    Just musing, and you’re probably one step ahead of me any how.
    I recall somewhere someone saying that ‘sans’ fonts are less busy – therefore easier to read.
    God bless your day
    Tim Klein

  • Admin

    Hi Tim, Great minds think alike! I had a long conversation with David Mau last week about updating the font and a few other cosmetic issues like the sidebar colour, and you should see some changes very soon! Blessings, Libby

  • Tim Klein

    Thank you Libby. Yes – GREAT MINDS!

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