Morning Praise

Morning Praise

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  • Alfred Borchert

    We have been using Morning Praise in our lay led services for a year now and we love the the easy flowing music,but there is no marked place for the offering the collect or the general prayer or hymns for that matter.We have been experimenting with different formats ,but I don’t think we are there yet. If there is something available,I would be most interested.
    Greetings Alfred Borchert
    Footscray congregation.

  • maryann

    today 27/8/2011, the secretary of our parish just rang to say that the person suppose to do the service tomorrow 28/8/2011 is sick and she could not find any one to take over the service, she said sorry there is no one, so my husband asked me to prepare so I am not a lay precher so log in to the net. and asked for help, so I found your web.I want to thank you for this web, but there is only one thing that I cant find the correct hymn for tomorrow, the the song for the choir, I will take the theme from matthew 16:21-26 thanks again may god bless

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