Prayer of the Church- Lent 5B

Prayer of the Church- Lent 5B

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  • I am I looking for church prayers in general. Needing one at the moment for Palm Sundsy

  • Trudi

    Resources for Palm Sunday can be found here: Scroll down to find the prayer and then keep clicking on the blue text until a window opens up asking you to either open the file or save it to your computer.

  • Stephen van der Hoek

    Hello Trudi…

    We used this prayer on Sunday, and it contained a bit of Trinitarian confusion:

    Dear Lord God Heavenly Father: we thank you that Jesus was raised upon the cross for us. We pray that you would draw all people to your throne- the cross- and that all people would see and believe that you are indeed the Christ and Saviour of the world.

    The prayer is addressed to the Father, but it changes to the Son in the second sentence. “Your throne”, “You are indeed the Christ”.

    Thanks very much and God bless.

  • Trudi

    Well spotted! It has been corrected so we won’t have that problem again in 3 years time!

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