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  • John Blyth

    Thank you for all the work you do for lay readers. Can you also help with information about where the words for songs and hymns can be copied from for power point use? Is there problems with copyright?

  • Trudi

    Modernised words for some of our hymns are available on the Worship Planning Page (see the song suggestions). If you are a paid subscriber to “Song Select” (for songs licensed by CCLI) you can download the lyrics for some of the “All Together” songs and most Hillsongs, etc. Otherwise, try “Googling” the first line of the hymn as there are a number of hymn websites out there where you can download music files and lyrics but check carefully as sometimes the wordings are different from our hymnal. Hope this is of some help!

  • peter Pfitzner

    LAst week the ppt and PDF file included the readings and collect. Thank you this really helps us at Griffith as we don’t have a Pastor.The next two weeks it is back to the template thing.Disapointing. If you can not have a ppt or a pdf file with this included ( would be nice if the prayers as published were included as well) could you please suggest a congregation that does this and is willing to e-mail this to us. This would help us immensely as it would just give more time to find songs and music for same ,as we do’t have musicians or retired pastors to serve us very often.
    We rely on this every week to prepare our services and any thing to help would be appreciated. Your pictures are great.

    Peter Pfitzner

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