Prayer of the Church- Epiphany 4B

Prayer of the Church- Epiphany 4B

3 comments to Prayer of the Church- Epiphany 4B

  • John Schultz

    Thanks, Trudi for all your work in preparing the Worship Planning for layreaders. I sure makes our preparation easier. God blees, John

  • Lorraine Semmler

    Thanks for the postings each week. It makes it so much easier for me when planning for layreaders. I rely heavily on this site for the service material.

    This week I am lost without the prayer of the day. The link seems to be broken. Will it be repaired before Saturday evening?

  • Trudi

    None of the links to files in our library appear to be working. I have alerted our web manager and hopefully he can fix this before Saturday! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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