Word & Prayer- Maundy Thursday

Word & Prayer- Maundy Thursday

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  • Hi there, I’d very much like to see what you have as far as resources go for Holy Week.
    Is there anything that I have to do to see it? ie, login,
    Thanks so much,

  • Admin

    Hi Greg
    You should see the resources for each key service of Holy Week listed on the home page (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday etc). You just click on the headings and you will find liturgy. sermons, music suggestions, ppt slides etc. No need to login – it’s all available for free! You might also like to check out the LCA website and use the Daily Devotionals (under the Services and Resources tab) and GROW Ministries website https://www.growministries.org.au/ for child and family resources for Easter. God bless your preparations! Libby

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