sermon – john 20 19-31 – year a – easter 2

sermon - john 20 19-31 - year a - easter 2

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  • I have only just found your page while preparing for my Sermon on sunday and am overwhelmed by the beauty of the writing …it is just wonderful and has inspired me greatly
    I am the founder of a Charity based in Cornwall, South West UK, and ever since I have had womb cancer I have worked non stop to try and prevent others from having to go through pants area cancers- beginning with nothing and no helpers, it has been a phenomenal journey, reaching out across the world (including to Kath Mazzella in Perth who is an advocate for awareness as I am.) Faith has led me on and this sermon so resonates with me through a difficult life journey long before God patiently waited for me to return to the fold. Blessings to you all and grateful thanks for these words

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