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Taking up the call in 2017


These six pastoral ministry graduates from ALC come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are stepping out in faith to begin their first assignments. We asked them which privilege of being a pastor they were most looking forward to.


Dan Mueller

Family: Wife Jenny; Eli, Hannah and Zara

Assigned to: Walla Walla Parish NSW

I’m most looking forward to … weekly meditating on God’s word in order to preach and teach it to God’s people! I also look forward to building up and equipping the saints for their mission (Ephesians 4:12) – preparing them to be always ready to make a defence to anyone who asks for a reason for their hope (1 Pet 3:15), and equipping them to teach the Christian faith to their family and friends.


Peter Klemm

Family: Wife Jody; Lily and Ciarna.

Assigned to: Cummins Parish SA

I’m most looking forward to … preaching the word and sharing the sacraments; coming alongside people and being part of their lives and being a shepherd to my congregations.


Michael Prenzler

Family: Wife Gertraud; Gabriel and Rebecca

Assigned to: Magill & Adelaide Deaf Community Church SA

I’m most looking forward to … being able to bring the good news to people at the most significant times in their lives: God welcomes you into his family, forgives you when you mess up, wants to bless your marriage, family and work life, and (finally) welcomes you home.


Valdis Andersons

Family: Wife Sylvia; Ilze and Markus

Assigned to: SA/NT District – locum at Lyndoch & Rowland Flat

I’m most looking forward to … becoming part of people’s lives.


Ryan Norris

Family: Wife Priscilla; Riikka, Caius, Kelsie and Sakari

Assigned to: Tarrington Parish Vic

I’m most looking forward to … being a part of some of the most significant moments in people’s lives – baptism, confirmation, marriage and even funerals are all defining moments in our journey with Christ.


David Haak

Family: Wife Rebecca; Isaac, Isabella

Assigned to: Beenleigh Qld

I’m most looking forward to … getting to do life with God’s people, being there through the best of times and the difficulties, pointing them to Jesus, and having them point me to Jesus!


Please pray for these people and their families as they serve in the vocation God has given them.