Shed Night


'Shed Happens'

Shed Night is a judgement-free zone where men and boys can feel safe to tell their stories, knowing they will not be condemned. It’s a space where men can share their own personal journey and grow in the victory of knowing that Jesus has wiped the slate clean.

Across Australia around 2000 men a month attend Shed Night. These are God’s men who are striving to become ‘better blokes’.

Shed Night meetings are not limited to a tin shed one night a month. They can happen anywhere at any time. The critical element is awareness of other men and sensitivity to what they are going through. Ultimately, it is God’s image being reflected when men step out to get closer and develop deeper, more honest relationships with other men.

Shed is a place where men learn to connect with other men, and where they help each other to become 'the real deal', champion sons of the King of kings.

You are welcome.

'Every bloke's a champion son of the King.'

Check out the website for details of your closest shed and contact bloke.

Contact us

Ian (Watto) Watson
phone 0412 722455


Better Blokes

Better Blokes is an annual men’s conference where men are encouraged to get real with their mates, get real with God and get real with themselves. Men testify that they are equipped to be better blokes within their families, their churches and the wider community.

More information:
Fred Gollasch: phone 0416 097332