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Ordination meetings start soon

All LCA/NZ members are invited to be a part of the discussion regarding the ordination of women and men in the church, with consultations starting next month (March).

All available details of consultation meetings (as at upload time) are listed in the table on the OWL (Ordination We’re Listening) website at 

District bishops and members of the LCA’s Commission on Theology and Inter-Church Relations (CTICR) will travel to centres across Australia and New Zealand for the meetings, which will discuss the CTICR’s draft doctrinal statement on the matter.

The commission has prepared the draft statement at the instruction of the LCA’s 2015 general synod, which requested that it present a theological basis for the ordination of both women and men, and why this need not be church divisive.

LCA Bishop John Henderson, who has written to the church on behalf of the College of Bishops, said all church members were encouraged to contribute to the discussion. ‘I invite and encourage every one of you to join the conversation in person by attending one of these consultations’, Bishop Henderson says in his letter.

Invitations to the consultations will be sent to congregations from district offices. The OWL website will offer relevant materials and printed versions of the documents will be available at the consultations. The draft statement booklet also can be requested from the LCA National Office (email or phone 08 8267 7300).