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The following devotional and worship resources are available from Australian Church Resources.

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Five Songs of Faith

Five Songs Of FaithFive Songs of Faith is a new setting of the Service with Communion for the Lutheran Church of Australia. It has been composed by Simon Schmidt and is a project of the LCA's Commission on Worship. Full music scores and lead scores are included. The book is spiral bound to allow easy opening on music stands and is in an A4 format.

A free CD featuring different versions and backing tracks is included when you purchase the book. Purchase the book here.

Devotional Resources - Everyday Prayer and Seasonal Prayer

Easy-to-use orders of prayer for daily and seasonal use


You can see a preview of these resources, including the contents listing and introductions to both books:

Within each book you will find:

  • simple orders of prayer with psalms, prayers and blessings
  • scriptural songs, canticles and doxologies
  • extra prayers for different situations
  • Bible reading guides
  • helpful hints on using the books
  • an introduction to help grow your prayer life.

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Low-Cost Packs

Two low-cost packs are available for small group and family use:

  • Small Group Pack — One copy of Everyday Prayer, one copy of Seasonal Prayer and ten copies of a booklet with just the prayer orders from each book. Leaders will find all the resources they need in the main books, and those joining in will find all they need in the booklet. Purchase here.
  • Family Pack — One copy of Everyday Prayer, one copy of Seasonal Prayer and four copies of the prayer booklet. Purchase here.

Sunday by Sunday (LCA Worship Resources)

Click here for a free download of the complete contents of LCA Worship Resources, or purchase from Australian Church Resources.

Modernised Hymns (from the LCA Worship Resources Project CD):
- List
- Texts

Guitar Chords

Guitar chord settings of melodies contained in the Lutheran Hymnal and supplement, making the hymns accessible to all musicians.

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Music Resources Vol 1

Keyboard and instrumental music - this volume comprises a range of keyboard and instrumental music that can be used in worship, ranging from organ preludes to hymn introductions to string arrangements of hymns. Purchase here.

Music Resources Vol 3 - Psalm Settings

This volume contains musical settings for the psalms used in the Revised Common Lectionary 3 year cycle of readings. Easy and memorable antiphons and responses ensure that the congregation can participate in singing. Purchase here.

Click here for printable bulletin antiphons and downloadable audio samples.

Church Rites

Church Rites has been compiled for the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) by its Commission on Worship. Good rituals grow out of the faith and experience of communities and are not generally original creations by individuals or committees. Accordingly these rites draw on the rich tradition of the various Christian communions, both Lutheran and non-Lutheran. Scriptural in content and form. They express the faith of the church in a pastoral, Christ-centred way using inclusive language that is contemporary and easily understood. Purchase here.

Rites and Resources

Rites and Resources is the companion volume to Church Rites. Useful for ministry to individuals and small groups outside the church building, these rites offer pastors and lay people Christ-centred tools to use to care for people. Included are prayers, rites, Scripture readings, hymns, songs and blessings - as well as guidelines on how to use them. Purchase here.

Sing to Jesus

Lutheran Hymnal with Supplement - Melody Edition

Lutheran Hymnal Supplement - Harmony Edition

Sing the Feast music book

Sing the Feast CD