New and Renewing Churches


The focus of New and Renewing Churches is on New mission initiatives (such as church planting) and on Renewing existing congregations and other ministries.

In 2013 the LCA General Synod adopted the document entitled Our Strategic Direction 2013-2018. It contains three strategic priorities, two of which are foundational to mission and a third which is supportive:

1. Grow as God's people
2. Go as God's people
3. Enable us to Go and Grow through:

3.1 Governance and Leadership
3.2 Communications and Engagement
3.3 Assets and Resources


Grow and Go are ongoing and foundational tasks that intertwine. There is no linear sequence that says first we grow until we reach maturity, after which we begin to go into the world. If we wait until we feel ready, most of us will never go. Rather it is as we go that we grow. The strategic direction of New and Renewing Churches grows out of this LCA document. The strategies and reflections (outlined in the Strategic Direction 2014-2015) are organised under the two aspects of

The LCA strategic priorities to go and grow apply to both new and renewing churches.


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