Lutheran Super



Lutheran Super is a not-for-profit fund established by the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) to provide excellent superannuation benefits with competitive fees for its employees.

  • Enjoy retirement – more of your contributions go to providing the best possible retirement benefit.
  • Pay only one lot of fees in one great fund.

Lutheran Super is a fund that meets your super needs now and into the future. Check out our website.

Flexible but simple

  • Investment choice with easy switching
  • Death, Permanent Disability and Income Protection insurance
  • Nominate your beneficiaries
  • Binding Death Benefit nominations available
  • Retained membership
  • Spouse membership
  • Account-based pensions
  • No commissions – no establishment fees

Advantages of Lutheran Super

  • You only need one super fund - ever.
  • Even if you leave your Lutheran employer, you can retain your super in the fund that looks after you.
  • Your spouse can join, too.

Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance is our church's way of protecting our pastors, lay workers, schools and aged-care staff and other employees in the event of long-term illness or injury.

Those people insured under Lutheran Super’s income protection insurance who are unable to work for at least 90 days because of an accident or illness will generally be entitled to receive 75 per cent of normal income (plus 9.5% superannuation) after the 90 day waiting period until they can return to work. If a return to work is not possible and they continue to meet the relevant policy definitions, the benefit could continue to be paid until they reach age 67 (indexed to keep up with inflation each year).

We encourage all LCA pastors, lay workers, schools and aged-care staff and other employees to take advantage of the income protection service we receive from Lutheran Super.

      Contact us

      Darren Royals
      Executive Officer
      Phone: 08 8267 7338
      Fax:08 8267 7310