'The Lutheran' Magazine


A lot of people say our national magazine The Lutheran is one of the very best things in the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). It's one of the most highly awarded publications within the Australasian Religious Press Association, so we are justifiably very proud of it.

The Lutheran tells the stories of our people with profound honesty and frankness - no glossing over the tough issues - and it has become known for its unique way of communicating how the grace of God touches the lives of ordinary people, in good times and in bad. For some people, The Lutheran is also the preferred means of receiving news stories.

In September 2011 The Lutheran won the prized Gutenberg perpetual trophy from the Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA). The trophy is awarded to the publication demonstrating overall excellence or outstanding achievement from within the 100-member-plus ARPA community. Read the story.

A glossy colour magazine of around 40 pages, The Lutheran is available by subscription and is published monthly.

To subscribe, to promote The Lutheran in your congregation or community, or simply to browse past issues, visit The Lutheran's website.

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