Social and Bioethical Questions



You might feel, as many people do, that scientific discoveries and technological achievements are advancing faster than ethics can keep up. Often our members of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), and other people too, look for guidance from our church's leaders on contemporary social and bioethical questions, such as terrorism, poverty, refugees, domestic violence, euthanasia, abortion and the environment.

The Commission on Social and Bioethical Questions (CSBQ) oversees this important area of our church's work.

Sometimes the CBSQ takes the initiative in addressing social or bioethical issues of the day, and sometimes specific questions are directed to it by church leaders. In every case the commission considers the question carefully from a Lutheran ethical perspective and prepares responses, which it directs to appropriate bodies, such as parliamentary select committees.

There are four working groups that report to CSBQ – Bioethical Questions, the Environment, Family and Gender, and Human Rights. The Bioethical Questions group has strong links with the LCA’s pro-life organisation Lutherans For Life.

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CSBQ statements and discussion papers

The CSBQ also has an educational role in the LCA by way of assisting church members to understand and respond appropriately to social and bioethical issues themselves. It does this by preparing resources, discussion papers and statements. Previously prepared material can be viewed or downloaded at our website library.

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