Lutheran Singles Connect

Connecting Singles in Australia and New Zealand

Are you single or single-again and hoping to meet someone special with whom to share your life? There could be many reasons why you're finding it difficult to expand your circle of Christian friends. Lutheran Singles Connect (LSC) is dedicated to providing a service to single and single-again Lutherans of all ages within the Lutheran Church in Australia and New Zealand.

Since LSC began in 1984, the lives of many people have been blessed by developing and deepening friendships, a number of which have resulted in marriage.

We can help you make new connections.

Are you:

  • looking for friendship?
  • hoping to meet and marry your soul mate?
  • feeling overwhelmed at the thought of stepping out again after being widowed or divorced?
  • finding it difficult to meet other single or single-again Christians socially or at your workplace?
  • limited in your opportunities to meet other singles because of distance?

LSC provides another avenue for discovering new and exciting friendships. If you are feeling apprehensive about starting a relationship, LSC is here to help you.

We cater for people of all ages (20 - 80+ years) who are single or single-again. Members are provided with details for contacting other singles in their preferred age group. For privacy and security, we do not provide details of members online but conduct our services via mail. Every effort is made to ensure complete confidentiality.

Contacting LSC could be the start of a new direction in your life. You could also be the very friend whom someone else is seeking.

The place to start

To find out more about LSC, we invite you to contact the office by phone, letter or email (please include your postal address with all email inquiries). LSC is run by volunteers, one day a week, and an annual subscription is requested to assist with costs.

Some comments to encourage you:

  • Within a week I had registered ... all it took was a phone call.
  • Sincere thanks for putting us in touch with each other. We would never have met otherwise.
  • It's great to see such a service in the church, where one can meet other Christians in similar circumstances.
  • Many beautiful relationships have started over a coffee and a chat.

Our hope is that you will find happiness and wellbeing with God's blessing.

Remember that, with God, all things are possible.

Contact us

  • Lutheran Singles Connect, PO Box 5104, Tarrington Vic 3301
  • Phone:  Australia 0438 049 572     New Zealand  +61 0438 049 572
  • Email: