With news being available online these days, newspapers are on the way out. But that's not true for magazines, the market for which is still growing. Is it because magazines are like comfort food, a great coffee or a glass of wine, a reward after a hard day's work? Reading a magazine uninterrupted is a serious treat, isn't it? That's why we continue to produce magazines and other stress-free publications - for the times you need to escape from techo gadgets and just chill out.


The Lutheran

The national magazine of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) is The Lutheran, a monthly colour glossy of 40 pages. Written in a fresh, easy-to-read style and addressing everyday issues, The Lutheran is one of the most highly awarded religious publications in Australia and New Zealand. It is available by subscription.

In September 2011 The Lutheran won the prized Gutenberg perpetual trophy from the Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA). The trophy is awarded to the publication demonstrating overall excellence or outstanding achievement from within the 100-member-plus ARPA community. Read the story.


Lutheran Theological Journal

The Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ), the tri-annual publication of Australian Lutheran College teaching staff, explores and applies the tradition of the church in fresh ways that fresh that engage readers in the issues of today. It is available by subscription.


Group Study Guides

If you want to study with a small group, the study guides being developed by Grassroots Training are just right for you. This brand-new series of guides us action-reflection learning experiences. The first two - 'Connection' and 'Bible' - are available now, and seven more are in the pipeline.


In 'Connection', which consists of eight Bible study sessions, you'll discover effective and biblical ways to share the gospel in today's culture. 'Connection' is an evangelism course with a difference; it's built on an action-reflection learning experience. In 'Connection' you will explore God’s mission to see all creation reconciled back to him, and how Jesus embodied this and gives us the example for mission to others. Learn where you fit into God’s mission for the world through understanding the culture we live in, identifying where God is already at work, what part your story and the stories of others have to play, and how you are salt and light in the world.


Like 'Connection', 'Bible' uses action-reflection learning experience. In 'Bible' you will explore God's word, be given the opportunity to ask tough questions and share your thoughts and discoveries with others. Discover connections between the different books in the Bible and also the Old and New Testament, and the implications that has for you and your small group. Discover the amazing story of the Bible and the roles we continue to play in that story, the story of God.


You can purchase 'Connection' and 'Bible' from our partner in ministry Australian Church Resources.


Districts & Departments

Some districts and departments produce a regular magazine or newsletter. Those that are available online are highlighted below.

New South Wales: Contact
New Zealand: The Olive Tree
South Australia/Northern Territory: Together
Victoria/Tasmania: Voices under the Southern Cross
Australian Lutheran College: Saints Alive
Board for Mission: Border Crossings
Finke River Mission: Christ in the Centre
Lutheran Archives: Friends of Lutheran Archives Journal (past issues only)
Lutheran Education Australia: SchooLink
Lutheran Media Ministry: Media Matters
Other Organisations
Lutheran Women of Australia: Lutheran Women

Australian Church Resources

A large range of Lutheran books and church supplies is available from our partner in ministry Australian Church Resources (ACR). The popular devotion book, diary and LCA Yearbook, formerly published by Openbook Publishers, are now available through ACR.


Lutheran Tract Mission

The Lutheran Tract Mission carries a large range of inspirational tracts, small booklets and bookmarks suitable for special occasions, encouragement and evangelism.


Free Brochures & Pamphlets

Some departments of the church produce helpful information in brochures and pamplets, which are available upon request.

Devotional, music and worship resources: LCA Commission on Worship
Manuscripts of occasional papers and opening lectures: Australian Lutheran College
Brochures about careers in the church: Australian Lutheran College
Books and pamphlets to help you in challenging times: Lutheran Media Ministry
Safe Place and Child Safe brochures: LCA Professional Standards Unit
Active Legacies, a brochure providing important information about wills: Lutheran Church of Australia