Lutheran Aged-Care and Community Services Governance Dialogue


This Dialogue is a 2017 national project of the Lutheran Church of Australia. It is discussing governance arrangements in Lutheran aged-care and community services. The intent of the Dialogue is to strengthen and build on the rich history of service provided by Lutheran aged-care and community services across Australia.

Dialogue Terms of Reference

Proposed Timeline




Phase 1
Planning & preparations
December 2016 – January 2017
Initial contact with aged-care and community services organisations and key stakeholders Mostly achieved
Phase 2
Stakeholder engagement
January–March  2017
Organisational visits and discussions undertaken Underway
Phase 3
Consensus Building on a ‘way forward’
April–July 2017
‘Options for the future’ paper developed and circulated for feedback  
‘Options for our future’ Workshop conducted  
‘Options for the future’ paper updated and re-circulated  
Phase 4
Discerning Our Future
July 2017 – February 2018
A two-day ‘Discerning Our Future’ Conference is conducted  
‘The draft Way Forward’ Report developed and circulated for feedback  
‘The Way Forward’ Report updated and circulated for final feedback  
Report submitted to GCC  


More Information

Updates and Activities



No reports have been drafted as yet.


LCA related inquiries:
Peter Schirmer
Executive Officer of the Church
08 8267 7300

All other inquiries, contact the facilitators:
Les Stahl 0438 601 021 or Terence Corkin 0407 220 677